Study Anywhere in the World with This Magnanimous Scholarships

A higher pay, low unemployment rates, near-endless prospects – these are some of the benefits of having a higher education. And today’s students are a lot luckier than their parents or grandparents. Why do we say that? For example, they can study with an online bachelor degree from the comfort of their own home.

They can also take advantage of the gift of variety – there are countless offline or online degrees out there they can choose from. The wider adoption of online university courses has opened up possibilities no one could have ever dreamed of 10-20 years ago. But it’s all possible now.

While an offline or online bachelor degree does cost a lot of money, it’s important to remember that student scholarships are also in fashion in today’s world. More and more schools and third party institutions encourage students to reach out and apply for funding aid.

A self-respecting offline or online university will almost certainly offer student scholarships programs. And if you are looking to go back to school, you should keep that in mind – so you too can take advantage of what they are offering.

If you are one of the students researching the topic of offline or online degrees, we have a few intriguing scholarships programs we want to bring to your attention. Hopefully they will help you in your journey towards getting a college diploma.

First off we have the ICPS scholarships at the University of Oregon, USA. International students who are looking to apply need to demonstrate financial need, as well as exceptional merit (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA).

It’s worth noting that the deadline for this year has already passed (January 15) but if you haven’t made up your mind yet on which offline or online bachelor degree you want to pursue; you can save up this information. It might aid you in the near future.

Moving on we have the scholarship for students offered by the Bocconi University in Milan. Applicants need to be interested in enrolling with one of the traditional or online degrees at the university or an Integrated Master of Arts in Law program or Master of Science Program.

The grant is a full tuition waiver worth approx. €11,500 per month for maximum of 3 academic years (for Bachelor Program) or 5 academic years (for Law Program) or €12,700 per year for maximum of 2 years (for Master of Science Program).

Have you always loved the sciences? Then the Emile Boutmy scholarships are for you. The program offers grants ranging from €3,000 to €12,300 for 3 years of undergrad study. On exceptional basis a €19,000 scholarship can be awarded.

Applicants must be non-EU residents who are currently considering enrolling with an offline or online university. Students must demonstrate a high degree of excellence, as well as provide proof of income and family situation.

If money was the aspect keeping you from going back to school, don’t let it be. These student scholarships we have just shared with you might be exactly what you need to ensure you can pay your school tuition.

  1. I am a Liberian. I am a high school graduate with an excellence certificate n diploma who is pursuing to study abroad to fulfill my dream as renounce female geologist in Liberia that will help develop my country but, I don\’t have money and that is why I\’m looking for a scholarship to enable me getting a better education and develop my country.
    Thanks in advance.
    I\’m waiting on your respond.

  2. I\’m enroll to study computer science for 4years,at september2017,i have admission notice,i will send to if you give me your email,i need a help to continue education,i\’m orphan ,also my supporter to the education now,haven\’t enough fund,because have big family, with l5baby and his wife

  3. I\’m already graduated diploma in electrical engineering by score 3.0GPA,I\’m looking for scholarship to study in China undergraduate, I\’m already enrolled to shandong university, but my parents already passed away,since was young,tuition is USD…4000

  4. I\’m interested to be enroll for master of art, what\’s possible means could let\’s me access it?

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