Other Money Sources for Online Degrees

In addition to scholarships for college, special programs and crowdsourcing all can add up to great online colleges sources of funding.

Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program offers jobs to graduate and undergraduate online degree students who have financial need, permitting them to earn funds to assist them in paying for education-associated costs.

Military service

U.S. Armed Forces provides many programs, some of which will pay 100 percent tuition help for online colleges classes taken within off-duty hours.

Student sponsorships

Allow a private investor to put you through college. Those programs are more sought after in Europe, yet are starting to catch wind in America. A sponsorship includes an investment for benefactors of online universities students, as they usually are entitled to a specific percentage of post-college income for a fixed amount of time.

Community service

You can make the earth a better place and make tuition money for your online degree. AmeriCorps will pay out equivalent to the max value of a Pell Grant for the award year (presently $5,550). Additional programs like National Health Service Corps and Teach for America provides loan forgiveness plans for online colleges graduates.

Tuition payment program

Sallie Mae is able to assist you in finding funds for tuition for your online degree.


For those risk-averse investors wanting to avoid the stock market yet still making a little return, 529 College Savings Plan for online universities will be your best bet. What’ll make this program the best way you can save for online universities is that it is not taxed and the funds in it aren’t used to calculate an individual’s eligibility for financial aid.

Study abroad or domestic exchange programs

Studying inside a different state or different country for one or two semesters sometimes can be your ticket to being awarded one other scholarship.

Your state

Call your state’s agency of higher education to check if you are qualified for any plans they might provide.

Your employer

The organization you’re employed with, or even the employers of your parent’s, might provide some tuition help.

Your grandparents

Get your grandparents to open up and contribute to the 529 plan.

Professional organizations and associations

Locate a professional association to check if they provide any educational help or scholarships for college contests.


New plans such as GiveCollege and GradSave permit friends and families to pitch in on a student’s college savings plan. Broader crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe enable students to collect donations for their educational goals, such as studying abroad.

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