Online Bachelors Degree in Retail Management

As high school gets to an end, you start making plans about the future, thinking what you want to do with your life and what subject you are really interested into and that could sparkle your interest for a long period of time so that you end up working for pleasure and not just for the money. If by any chance you discovered that retail management is the answer to the above dilemma, then you should consider following the courses of this online bachelor degree that will open the gates to the retail industry for you.

Having a online college degree means nothing less than receiving one by following on campus courses, as both are accredited and offer you the amount of information and connections you need in order to achieve success. Overmore, online degrees offer you a lot more flexibility and the possibility to manage your time in your own way, not having to deal in the same time with the higher costs that an on campus learning experience would imply. As I got to talking about costs, I should also mention there are a lot of college scholarships and grants that can ease the way for you to get your online college degree, so that you don’t have to worry about the money.

The online bachelor degree in Retail Management offered by the University of Lincoln is a work-based learning course that aims to offer its students academic accreditation and recognition for the skills they already have learnt in the retail workplace. The programme is designed to build on the previous learning in order to develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning so that the online degree enables you to become an expert in retail organisation and management. Enrolling in this online college degree means using your previous academic achievements and experience as accreditation for the first two years of the course. The whole duration to complete the programme can take up to two years, but that depends a lot on your personal commitments and individual work. The modules that this online degree will include are Management of Change in Retail Organisations, Understanding Retail Consumer and Operations Management in a Retail Environment.

The tuition fee per year is the amount of £7.000 so you might want to consider accessing college scholarships and grants that could pay this sum in your place, in order for you to focus on your learning process. Some of the best college scholarships and grants that are available in the case you are interested in this particular online degree are the Global Study Awards, the Commonwealth Scholarships and the Chevening Scholarships.

  1. Hello. Goodafternoon. Ive search on google how to have scholarship and then i saw your page. I\’m from philippines i am 3rd year college this coming enrollmanet studying of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. my parent cant support my study and i really want to finish my study and fulfill my dreams I hope you can me opportunity to have a scholarship. Thank you very much for time God Bless.

  2. I\’m interested in taking up the course but I\’m more interested in Business Administration.Do you offer bachelors degree in business administration online?

  3. I am extremely eager to apply for this school opportunity. Ever since school has been my sesame to get something out life. I am a zealous, ambitious and industrious young man aged 22 years old, A Malawian. I had once got a golden chance to to do tertiary studies.. where I pursued an International Commercial Diploma Of Procurement & Supply from University Of Malawi_The Polytechnic. Through hard working I completed the Diploma level within the stipulated time frame. I went on trying through all means to further my studies but never had a chance till today. Nevertheless, I had have been dedicating part of time for apprenticeship ( as a secondary school tutor) and internship (Stores Clerk) as much as I could, \’surprisingly I made my name almost in all institutions I have ever worked with\’. All in all it is my desire to go further with school so that I can become the person who I need to be.. and be able to help others who are also going through the same situation I am going through.
    It is my prayer to be considered as an outstanding and eligible person to be given the offer.

    I will be lucky beyond the measure because of your kindest consideration.

    Yours very truly,
    Upile Sulaimana

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