Online College Degree Myths Debunked

Online bachelor degree programs often come with a bad reputation, but if you’re thinking of enrolling with an online college, don’t let yourself be influenced. Most people who badmouth online college degree providers are simply uniformed. And here are some of the most common myths people have about online college degree online programs and the real truth behind them.

Employees won’t hire someone with an online bachelor degree

Wrong. Most employees don’t even ask if you’ve studied online or not, unless you volunteer this information. On top of that, perspective employees are likely to be more interested in hiring someone who was able to juggle between school, work and family life.

To ensure you’re going to be taken serious in the work field, explore your school’s relationship with the local business community. Read the forums and see what graduates are saying and pay attention to what they complain about the most.

Online universities don’t offer scholarships

Wrong again. You should know that online college degree providers today offer pretty much all the facilities a traditional school does and that includes awarding scholarships.

What’s more, you’re more likely to get your hands on one of the scholarships if you are enrolled with a college degree online. How come? Well online colleges often focus on giving all students a fair shot at education, while traditional ones often award bursaries based on merit.

So the bottom line is that you don’t have to be an A+ student. You need to demonstrate a desire to learn and improve yourself in order to be accepted into a scholarship program with one of the many college degree online providers.

Online degrees are not accredited

This myth is half true. Sure there are phony online college degree providers and you need to watch out for them. These fake institutions might ask you for money and then never contact you again. Be very careful where you put your trust.

Before you apply anywhere, you should check to see if the online university you are contemplating is accredited. To do so you can access the US Department of Education website and search through the database. If the school is accredited, you’ll be able to find it in there.

Online degrees are too easy

If you’re main concern is that you won’t be challenged while studying for an online bachelor degree, don’t sweat it. You just need to make sure you choose an interesting program. On top of that, you should keep in mind that online coursework is equally challenges as it is in the physical class room. You’ll have deadline and you’ll be expected to take tests. You won’t have to become bored, this we guarantee.

Naturally, the level of difficulty for each online class varies. Algebra might be more difficult to grasp than Law, but it depends a lot on the student and his/her affinities.

Even so, online professors judge a student’s knowledgeability based on rigorous standards, just like at the traditional universities.

Hopefully this article will dissipate the fears holding you back from enrolling with an online college degree.

  1. I am Wondachew Alamerie from Ethiopia. I am looking for a schoolarship in Sport Science. I have a masters degree in teaching Physical Education and Sport. Am now a preparatory teacher in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. But now am eager to do my Phd if I get the chance. Am also interested to do a masters degree in Biology or sport rehablitation. Would you help me please???. Am also eager to learn an online degree in any subject. Thank you!!!

  2. Wanna enroll for degree in Medicine in any of the schools as an international student. Which of the schools are available and are there scholarships available for such students?Kindly get in touch please or any other science related programs online as well.

  3. Hello, my name is Artis S.Benjamin, a liberian and a high School graduate. I\’m interested in your Scholarship. How can I benefit from this offer.

    Artis S.Benjamin

  4. I want to enroll for a completely free
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  5. I am a refugee in South Africa and was studying at UWC in occupational therapy in 4th year but want to change to nursing .So I am not sure if I can get scholarship from you guys,I don\’t work,I have three children.so I am looking forward to doing something online that can guarantee me a degree in nursing if possible so that I can raise my children.And God will bless you for your generosity.

  6. Am grateful for your concern to my academic journey am ready to study online course if given a chance thanks.

  7. I\’m grateful for your concern. Thank you so much. May you please tell me a bout scholarship fees that I am supposed to pay and the rest of the requirements such that I find out whether I will manage the costs because my salary may be too little to cater for further education and at the same time take care of my family. The fact is that I\’m interested in acquiring a master\’s degree in economics but my worry are the funds.

  8. Thanks alot God bless for your advise But please add me for scholarship program . Am born in a very poor and for me to finish my grade 12 is through me doing some piece work I\’m order to mobilise school fees. please please I need school

  9. i am nomfundo ngubane who is currently doing grade 12 for the second time,i finished my matric on 2015 and i could not gone further with my studies because of financial problems and i do not wish to come across with tha problem now i want to study b laws.i am looking forward to get this scholarship and make my family be proud of me…..thank you

  10. Thank you with the above information. I am looking forward in getting one. Am studying bachelor of insurance and risk management. Am from Zimbabwe

  11. I\’m Nigel from Zimbabwe I will be greatful to be given such an amazing opportunity to study abroad because I can\’t do this on my own due to financial problems in my family so I\’m looking forward for a favorable reply from you …Thank you .

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    I am Orphelin child living with my hardworking Mam since now. But I realy want to help her .
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    i wish the most favorable reply email your office.
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  15. I am very happy to attend the schoolarship program.My name is Dessalegn Gedlu from Ethiopia and i have BEd with Geography and also in other PGDLS but i weant to get a free scoolar pls help me .b/ c of i have agreat chalenge with economy ,net work accsses and pc pls show me the way how can face the chalenge again ?

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  19. Hello, thank you for these information provided by You. My name is Titus T. Gaye. I am a Liberian, a country in west Africa. I holds associate of Arts degree in education and in emphasis in General Science. I\’m interesting in getting a bachelor degree in biology and chemistry. My parents are all dead. I need a scholarship to continue my study so as to achieve my goal. What is the way forward in getting scholarship? Pls help!

  20. i am so interested and curious about on line college. and by the infos that you\’ve shared its quite tempting. i hope you can add me in with your scholarships availability. i just really wanted to learn more. i m more fond of writing. and i want to learn more about it. hope you can help me. im from the philippines

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    Dani henry

  22. Thank you so much. But how can i start the degree? and also i want to do bachelor of arts in Journalism, is it possible?

  23. I HV already apply at Unisa and i ve been taken so I need these scholarship so that I could abble to pay for my fees at Unisa senior phase teaching

  24. first of all I honour you all.
    my question is im finishing my high school so for sure I\’m from a poor family so I can\’t afford to pay the dues to join university can I also get a scholarship??

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  36. Hello, from cameroon. Holder of primary school diploma. Due to the crisis of of our country, I wish to foster my education by switching to medical care training, which has almost the most sales in the market of employment. Therefore looking forward to aquire a bachelors degree. Will be great full if am opportune to have a free scholarship one line course under assistance nurse precisely . thanks

  37. Thanks for the approval but i really need help
    Am a student at Kampala international university in Uganda pursuing barcherlor of medicine and surgery am in first year but am unable to raise tuition cos my mother who has been paying my tuition got a problem with the kidney. So right now I have spent one year with out studying
    Your help Will be highly appreciated thank you

  38. Hello,
    I have a diploma in primary Education and I wish to pursue a primary degree course online. please I need information on how to go about it.
    Thank you!

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    I am Esembe Phidel of Cameroon origin. I am an A-level certificate holder a good basketball player. But due to insufficient funding my education has been put on hold for one full year. Please help me attain my dream f becoming a medical doctor.
    Yours faithfully
    Esembe Phidel

  47. I\’m currently studying diploma in business finance and accounting and would like to further my studies get a degree but finances limit me and would like you to grant me scholarship and help me achieve my goal.

  48. I will like to apply for Bachelor in Human Biology (medicine) schorlarsip and am I Ghana please any help

  49. I want facilitation support because I have a government sponsorship now but I hv no money for facilitation

  50. I am 34 yrs old and I need to study anything that suits my age I passed matric at 2003 please help with anything that is available

  51. l am currently requested to pay $235 deposite after l have been informed that l have been granted a partial scholarship by UNICAFE UNIVERSITY of Malawi .l afraid of fraudsters what should l do? help me

  52. I am a male Zambian with a bachelor. I am now asking for a scholarship assistance to do masters. I will be glad indeed if you cone to my aid.

  53. I am looking for an online scholarship to undertake a masters degree on business administration. could you please help me in that direction?

  54. Hi
    I am a Syrian citizen living in Algeria since four years . I am a third secondary school and looking to complete my future study with any Germany free scholarship …

  55. My name is Beatrice Innocent from Tanzania.Aged 17 years old.I am kindly asking for an aviation scholarship to accomplish my dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Currently I\’m facing a financial challenge towards achieving my goal.I hope my request will be taken into some consideration.Thanks in anticipation.

  56. I\’m obtained an Admission to diploma with distinctions in life orientation….i really need bursary to pay my fees even scholarship….i want to do teaching that\’s my first option… My second option is to study tourism.
    My problem is that my mom is unemployed….can you offer me bursary or scholarship???

  57. My name is Klon Collins I am from Liberia I really need a scholarship I want to get bachelor in Criminal Justice.

  58. Am a Nigerian registered nurse. I will be glad to be a part in the scholarship plan to help me get Bachelor degree in Nursing.l look forward to hearing from you.

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  60. first of all I wish peace for ur organization, next iam melkamu Alemu from Ethiopia and I BA degree in accounting, and went to continue my MSC program if I get this chance

  61. I am student who live in Somalia. Iam from poor family my father doesn\’t have any job even my mother. I was finished secondary school last academic year2016_2017 up to now I am not in university because I am not able to pay the university fee but I have hop to get once a university even if it is scholarship. So as I was informed me that there was positions of scholarship l would like to help me kindly to get free university in abroad. Please help me kindly to achieve my goal .please answer my request kindly within 24 hour

  62. I would like to get master or phd in clinical pharmacy.I\’m from iran and i have a pharm D degree.I\’ve been working as a pharmacist since 5 years ago.

  63. Hello, I am called agea tonny. I am a deaf person from Uganda. I want to apply for this scholarships because I am very interest in studying. Thank you so very much for this great opportunities.

  64. Please I wish to apply for an engineering scholarship for i really want to do engineering abroad so that one day I might be able to shape the future. School back here is not very much knowlege elevating but rather job oriented only.

  65. I would like to be part of the university I would like to study teaching online if the scholarship is also offered there I\’m so desparet. I don\’t enrolling for Diploma or Degree as long as I\’m in the university and I would really appreciate having a scholarship

  66. Mission God Is Love International School .
    P. Ô. Box 75 Guinea Conakry
    West Africa.

    Dear hirring manager,
    I\’m Usasif Fofanah from the West coast of Africa, first I may like to Thank you for running scholarship programme in Africa, which qualified you as one of the backbone of spreading Education in the world wide.
    Sir, from the above motive, I\’m here by applying as one of your candidats for the scholarship programme.
    Please grant my request !
    I\’m à graduate student from high school and I\’ve been sat for so long because of finacial support. But I Thank God I saw this splendid and esoteric programme today.
    Thank you so much looking foward for more interview.
    Yours faithfully
    Ibrahim U Fofanah

  67. I wholed like my to finish his study in a university of cape tow he pass with abachelar idont have money for him to study futher as i m from poor farmily please help

  68. I have been making comments here but I haven\’t seen any positive respond?how can I know that you have accepted my request for scholarship?


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