5 proven ways you can make money as a college student

College is super expensive and most students will need help from a source or another to pay for their higher-education. Naturally, students can start to search and apply for scholarships and loans.

But while there are many scholarships opportunities out there, not everyone who applies will get the much-needed funding. On top of that, even if you win a scholarship it might not be enough to pay for your full tuition costs. So the smart thing to do would be to consider additional ways of making money in college.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to earn money as a college student. Don’t make excuses for yourselves like “I don’t have enough time” or “Gosh, I don’t really know where to start. This is what this blog post is for. Below you’ll find five proven ways to help you earn money in college to pay your tuition expenses. Start with that

  1. Write freelance articles for blogs

If you have a way with words and enjoy writing essays, you could start thinking about becoming a freelance writer. Websites like Upwork or iFreelancer allow you set up a profile quickly and get to work immediately. You’ll need to have a PayPal account all set up, as most employees will be paying you through the money service.

  1. Become a translator

Do you happen to speak another language? Then you can use it to your advantage and get some translation work. Various platforms are looking for people capable of doing translation work and if you are a native speaker you’ll chances of getting the gig improve considerably.

  1. Tutor

If you are a student in your third or fourth year, you’ve probably acquired enough knowledge to be able to help younger peers. If you master a particular subject, it’s a good idea to start posting adds on-campus or online in places like Craiglist offering your services. A tutoring session can take up to 2 hours and you can make pretty decent money from it.

  1. Take online surveys

Another easy way to make money as a college student is to fill out online surveys. Earn cash simply by sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world. Students looking for this kind of work should start with websites such as Survey Junkie.

  1. Become a virtual assistant

Be someone’s personal Siri or Cortona. Just kidding. Busy individuals often look for a helping hands and this is a great opportunity to put your organization and communication skills to god use. As a virtual assistant you will be in charge of helping your employer manage his/her schedule and get tasks like data entry and social media management done. All via the Internet.

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