Ways college students can earn money: freelance writing

College…it’s supposed to be the best time in your life, but it’s always a very challenging time. And if you’re like most students you’re probably struggling to find ways to pay for your school tuition.

College is expensive, everyone knows that, and if you’re not fortunate enough to have your back covered by your family, you will need to start considering ways to make money without applying for a full-time job. Have you considered becoming a freelance writer? If not, you definitely should.

College students write a lot of essay throughout their university years and chances are you’re quite familiar with how to put together a good composition. So why not put that skill to good use and make some money off it?

But first off, you need to determine what you really know. Every niche of freelance writings needs content creators who can write knowledgeable pieces. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then you shouldn’t even apply for the job. So determine what are the topics you know most about, and start looking for jobs that target those niches.

The next thing is need to do is consider how much free time you have on your hands. You’re probably thinking of pursuing freelancing as an alternative to a standard job, because it’s difficult to include a fixed schedule in your already busy agenda.

So consider this – when will you have time to write? For how many hours a week do you estimate you’ll be available? Think about how long it usually takes you to research and write a college paper, and you’ll be able to make a rough assessment of the amount of time you’ll need to complete a writing job.

The prospect of starting new is always exciting, especially when considering the benefits. But don’t be greedy. Take only a few jobs at first. This way you’ll be able to determine whether you truly have time for freelancing and can deliver the promised work on time. Use these first jobs to create a portfolio. As you gain experience and add more work to your portfolio, you’ll be able to request a higher rate.

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