Ways college students can earn money: tutoring

As a college student, chances are you often find yourself strapped for cash. But even with a busy class schedule, you might still be able to spare some time to earn a few extra dollars to help you pay for your college expenses.

Ideally, you already have a college fund. But for most students that’s simply not the case. The majority will need help in dealing with the financial aspect of college. And sometimes there’s only as much parents can do.

That leaves the burden of paying for college on the student’s shoulders, but fortunately there are plenty of ways you can earn money while in college, without having to get a full-time job.

For example, if you master a certain subject you can take up tutoring. Tutoring a younger student is both financially and emotionally rewarding and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your dorm or home.

Check with the employment office or a department head at the university to see whether there are students in need of a tutor. Alternatively, you can post ads around campus or check with other local schools for opportunities. Consider the online alternatives, as well. You can sign up to become a tutor via websites such as HubHelp which often offer a wide range of job opportunities.

Remember, the Internet is your friend. A quick search online will reveal countless of websites focused on offering tutoring positions including Studypool.com, Chegg.com or e-Tutor.com.

The best part is – you don’t have to teach college-level subjects, if you don’t want to. Tutor jobs include a wide pallet from K-12 coursework to English as a Second Language to ACT/SAT and college prep.

Monetary advantage isn’t the only reason why you should be considering tutoring. Unlike getting a part time job as a waitress, tutoring actually looks good on your resume due to its academic nature. Acquiring a position that relates to your academic studies will give your CV a boost and it can even prove to be an advantage when you apply for scholarships.

While the payoff isn’t big, tutoring college peers or high school students will allow you to put some money aside for your own educational expenses. And will enhance your chances at receiving a scholarship too. So you should really consider it.





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