The HP Women’s Scholarship Fund for Single Moms at University of The People

We will do anything for our kids to offer them a role model, isn’t it? Even we would go back to school. You might feel disrupted by all the years you were a stay at home mum but do not worry, anything issue has a solution. Here is a scholarship offered for single moms which will help you throughout the process of being a student even though you are at a same time mother.

Hewlett Packard Scholarships & Mentoring is one scholarship financed by Hewlett Packard and addresses the needs of single moms who want to return to school but do not have the financial means to support the tuition fees. The scholarship is tenable at University of the People (UoPeople), which is the first accredited, tuition free, online university. UoPeople is dedicated to opening access to higher education globally offering a tuition-free education. Yes, you read it correctly. The university is collaborating with top-notch companies and corporations that have enabled the growth of the university.

Now, the HP scholarship dedicated to women offers two-year scholarship to 100 female students at the University of the People. Should you be one among the 100 lucky winners, you will have the possibility to study towards an associate degree in a program of your choice. What is an associate degree? It is an American university degree that can be completed in two years. If you want to search which associate degree programs suits you best, you can access the dashboard here https://www.uopeople.edu and select degree programs. There you can freely search all the associate degree program options and select one.

Additionally, if you receive a scholarship, you will have access to mentoring support from Hewlett Packard employers. What does it mean mentorship? The employers provide students with valuable guidance and support, enriching their academic learning experience. They will play an important role in preparing you for employment after graduation.

So, not only you will have access to tuition-free academic programs but you will also have the possibility to create a plan after your graduation which will focus on your employment after graduation. You can fill the application here https://www.uopeople.edu/application/ Do not forget, University of the People is an American accredited online university so you will not have to leave the comfort of your home or your kid. Good luck to everyone!

  1. Hi am doing masters in chemistry. I want to Mphil but I cannot do this because am orphan and I have no elder brother. Uncle is also died. I have seven younger brothers and sisters. Please any body help me for my studies. Please

  2. Im a single mom of one i started my diploma in theology in 2013 and was supposed to finish in 2015, but due to povety and lack of money I did not finish my diploma. Please I love to finish my diploma and further my studies. Im appealing to you for help i have lost hope.
    Thank you in advance.

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