Myth Debunked: Online Students Have Limited Possibilities to Interact With their Colleagues

Even if you are not studying and living in a traditional campus, you can still get to know your classmates. You have limitless possibilities to engage with them in conversations for different project groups or other things and social media, discussion boards, email, and videoconferencing facilitate your communication. So, do not worry and think that online universities are limited. Here are some aspects you should know about the interaction in distance learning degrees.

There aren’t few online courses, which have a live or synchronous option, where students log in at a specific time and start communicating through videoconferencing. It is important to keep in touch with your colleagues, right? Many online classes assign group work. Even though you are far from your colleagues, it does not mean that you cannot collaborate with them. You can use tools such as Google Docs to edit assignments. Skype is also another tool which allows you to communicate with your colleagues in real time and continue the group project.

Additionally, social media also facilitates the collaboration between you and your colleagues. Many of students enrolled at online universities use social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to interact with their classmates. Opting for distance learning degrees does not impede you from submitting an impeccable group project.

Also, being an online student is more flexible than you think. Your academic activity is not limited and you can become involved in extracurricular activities and student groups. How can you join one? Clubs can be virtual or on campus and may focus on specific career paths or activities. You can join the clubs via Facebook or other social media platforms. As an online student you will have the possibility to expand your technological knowledge as well.

Pursuing an online degree program it should not demotivate you from connecting with your group. You can expand your network and build closer bonds with your classmates even though you are not studying on campus. If lack of group interaction was one of your biggest fears as an online student, you do not have to consider this anymore. Due to all the technological progress, you can stay in touch, in real time with anyone no matter where that person leaves.

For all the future online students out there, the myth of online students learning isolated is debunked.

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