Online Scholarships for Distance Learning Students at University of Minnesota Crookston

Opting for University of Minnesota Crookston, also known as UMC, is not financially demanding as you may think. First of all, University of Minnesota Crookston offers online programs for which accepts applications and second, it awards scholarships to its online students.

Before focusing on the programs and scholarships established by the university, let’s see who is Minnesota Crookston and what is it renowned for. Crookston is a public, baccalaureate institution and 1 of 5 statewide campuses of the University of Minnesota system. It is a 4-year public university where more than 18.000 students – of which 900 are online students and 900 traditional students – are enrolled.

It has been established as an institution of higher learning in 1966 and in 1993 has begun to offer baccalaureate degree programs. Offline students benefit of laptop computers, individual attention, mentorship, hands-on approach to teaching and learning that puts students ahead of the competition! Not only offline students benefit of the best mentorship teachings but online students as well.

If you choose University of Minnesota Crookston, rest assure that being an online student here is worthy. The university prides itself on personal attention, exceptional faculty and stuff, and up to date online degree programs. Speaking about online programs, here is a list https://www.crk.umn.edu/units/online that you can consult and decide which program is best for you.

Even though Minnesota Crookston is not a full online school, meaning it does not offer entirely online programs, it is still awarding online scholarships for its best students. One of the scholarships is called “University of Minnesota Crookston Online Scholarship”. This scholarship supports full-time and part-time degree seeking online students and those who are eligible are those who are enrolled as a degree seeking student in one of UMC’s online degrees. It is a $500 scholarship where $250 is awarded each semester.

If a scholarship at an online school interests you, you can download the application at https://www.crk.umn.edu/units/online-programs/financial-aid-and-scholarships-online-students and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid. In the application you will be asked to submit info regarding your choice in selecting UMC, your greatest challenge, and achievements expected upon degree completion. UMC offers a wide range of scholarships so, in case you do not want to limit your chances, you can access the link from above and select a more suitable scholarship for yourself.

Good luck!

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  1. I know about the university in the country by information.My name is Abdunasir Mohammed.I was graduated from faculity of education department of chemistry.So I wana to learn the higher level if I got the opportunity in any related field.My interest is to learn Msc programme.Can you give me the information I want about on line learning process?

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