Ready to Be an Online Student? Part 2

In our previous article “Ready to be an Online student. Part 1” we have enumerated some aspects which considered the appropriate approach to being a content distance learning student. Opting for online education brings the same benefits as being an online student however it is up to you the progress you will make. So, let’s see which are the following aspects you should jot down to yourself and consider them thoroughly that will tell you if you are (or not) ready to be an online student.

The decision to pursue the courses of an online university should not be taken lightly. Advancing your education brings good benefits to you and to your family as well. So, it is important to ask questions. If you want to know more about an online program that you think about it’s a good fit and will help you advance at your work place, contact the online university. Ask a lot of questions so that you will have it all clarified in your mind. Schedule skype meetings and stay in touch with the instructor or counselor as much as you can. They will be delighted to meet a person who wants to invest in his/her future and shows so much determination. So, asking the appropriate questions can help you get closer to being an online student.

Online students are not deprived of scholarships. Any online student has the right to apply for a scholarship. While some online universities do not have scholarship programs some offline universities are distributing the amount so that online students can benefit of them. Being an online student will not impede you from applying for a scholarship, however what might entangle you is your academic performance (in case the scholarship is merit-based), your previous grades and some other aspects as well. What we try to say is that online or offline universities that are offering scholarships consider first your performance or financial need rather than anything else.

As a distance learning student, working progressively and efficiently it’s up to you. While there is no instructor or colleague around you with whom you can communicate and work directly, it is important to set short-time goals. Hope that we managed to present you accurately how it’s like to be an online student and what you need in order to succeed.

  1. How can i apply for the study grant? currently i am busy with studying towards a diploma in journalism and media studies here in Namibia and I would like to pursue towards a degree level.

  2. Am real happy with your attitude towards online learners. Am interested to be one in order to pursue masters either in education or literature

  3. I want to be a good marketing Manager! In our country it costs so much to study Masters. So that, I want to be an online student in your University and I want to be successful.

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