Call for Applications for Master’s Degree Program and Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program

Along years, the AUN/ SEED – Net project has offered a major help to the development of human resource in the ASEAN region. The main purpose of the project is to establish a region-wide system for advanced education and research by Member Institutions, which can be found here http://asean.org/asean/asean-member-states/ in collaboration with Japanese Supporting Universities.

The AUN/ SEED – Net project is pleased to announce the opening of Call for Applications for Master’s Degree Program and Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program Year 2018 where students and faculty staffs who would like to pursue a higher study in engineering fields can apply. Only students, faculty staffs and interested applicants coming from the 26 member universities are eligible to apply. Below can be find the list of the university members http://www.seed-net.org/news/scholarships-masters-degree-program-doctoral-degree-sandwich-program-year-2018-now-open-applications/

The list of engineering related fields can be consulted below:

1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
2. Chemical Engineering (ChE)
3. Energy Engineering (EneE)
4. Natural Disaster (ND)
5. Civil Engineering (CE)
6. Geological and Geo-Resource Engineering (GeoE)
7. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MEManuE)
8.  Environmental Engineering (EnvE)
9. Materials Engineering (MatE)
10. Computer and Information Engineering (CIE)

The expenses covered by the project include the tuition fee, living allowance, health insurance, relocation fee, and round-trip air ticket. The winners or the sending institutions might need to support some of the costs. Scholarships will be taken in ASEAN Countries. Interested persons are invited to consult the list of the ASEAN member countries here http://asean.org/asean/asean-member-states/

The scholarships are offered for both Master’s and PhD students, which means that each category has its own admission rules established and must be consulted. At the following link http://www.seed-net.org/application-forms/ students can access the application forms keeping in mind the countries where they wish to undertake the Master’s or Ph.D. program. Each program as well as each country has its own set of admission rules which can be consulted in their guidelines.

In order to apply, students must be endorsed by Sending Institutions in their home countries. The endorsement can be made through the endorsement letter. It is highly important that students will upload the endorsement letter otherwise their applications will not be considered. After being endorsed by their Sending Institution, they must submit two types of applications: Host Institution’s application form and AUN/ SEED Application form which will be found in the boxes below the level of academic program and country where they will be undertaken.

The closing date for the application form is October 31st 2017. However, students are advised to consult the official website http://www.seed-net.org for updates.


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