Get the annual $7000 AUD UWA scholarship as an undergrad Mauritian student

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is perceived as one of the most research-intensive institutions where globally recognized scholars are helping students reach their potential and go beyond. The University owns more than 75 research and training centers so that students will have the possibility to convert what they study into knowledge. Besides its partnerships with 18 high-quality research universities, UWA is one of the members of the Worldwide Universities Network, which makes it extremely sought-after by students ready to carve their new and blossoming academic paths.

UWA is currently offering undergraduate fee discount scholarships to Mauritian students who have proved brilliant academic achievements during their high school studies and received the letter of confirmation from UWA, commencing in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Mauritian students who will be enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree at UWA do not need to submit an additional application for this scholarship. However, in case they were the lucky winners, they will have to accept the scholarship within 14 days from the date of the offer being made. Even though there is no need for an additional scholarship application, there are still some eligibility criteria based on which the scholarship is awarded.

First of all, the students have to be citizens of Mauritius who have achieved an equivalent ATAR of at least 85 in previous studies used for entry to UWA. The students have to be enrolled or eligible to enroll in an undergrad degree program. Laurate students ranked in the top 200 or above nationally based on their performance or those who have graduated at one of the following schools from below are considered eligible.

  • Dr Maurice Cure College
  • Droopnath Ramphul SC
  • Gaetan Raynal SC
  • John Kennedy College
  • Loreto College Port Louis
  • Loreto Curepipe
  • Loreto Quartre Bornes
  • Ramsoodar Prayag SSS
  • Royal College Curepipe
  • Royal College Port Louis
  • Sir Abdool Raman Osman SC
  • St Esprit College
  • St Joseph’s College
  • St Mary’s College

The amount of the scholarship is offered based on the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) which is the primary criterion for entry into most undergraduate-entry universities programs in Australia. For those who have achieved an ATAR of 85 – 89.99, the amount offered will be $3000 AUD and for those with an ATAR of 90 or more, the amount offered is $7000.

The scholarship is aimed to provide a fee reduction towards the course fees and will be applied in two equal instalments each year, one each semester. The scholarship is applicable for the total duration of studies at UWA in the applicable course. Students can consult the following link https://study.uwa.edu.au/International-students/fees-and-scholarships/UWA-funded-scholarships for more info about the scholarship.

  1. Kampala Uganda, I study from St.Denis Ssebugwawo Ggaba….
    I see this opportunity limited to a number of students because me am not from the above mentioned school which means it will be difficult for to join you in West Austria… but hope next time, use ATR to also consider Uganda or East Africa so if the opportunity come to Uganda am ready to join +256751826931

  2. I want to study radiography in the University so please if you can refer me to any fully funded scholarship I will be glad.

  3. I would like to study with you for masters beginning of August next year.What is the procedure like? I will be happy to study with you guys.I am from Zimbabwe, my contacts are 263779596893.

  4. I would like to study with you for masters beginning of August last year.What is the procedure like? I will be happy to study with you guys.I am from Zimbabwe, my contacts are 263779596893.

  5. i need the requirement list for the application or the application itself please.please someoe email it to me..

  6. Aziz s. Gondoun is my name, from Liberia. please contact me on +231886666719/+231886321806/. I hold a high school diploma. thanks for this opportunity.

  7. Obediah MB. Leaseah Davis is my name from Liberia. I will be very happy for such a opportunity to continue my education. Think for your understand

  8. Hello please I\’m Gloria Aveey from Ghana, I\’m in my final year in high school,and I want to study Agric science in the university. And I also want to study in any part of abroad. please this is my email,gaveey2020@gmail.com, and my contact, +233(0)277574243 thank you.

  9. Dear sir/miss I am shalom Girma from Ethiopia I got half scholarship in Gordon college I need some one to help me and I don\’t want to miss it

  10. Calvary greetings,i would love like to know how to apply for this great opportunity that will enable me go heights in my career and also help my community,thank you.

  11. I\’m Gideon Techie, hope your scholarship will help me improved my studies abroad and the quality education. I am very desperate in getting this job thank you for the offer
    My Whatsapp number is +233 543957686 you can call me to give me any update

  12. I greet you all in God s name,I only have a grade 12certificate and am a double orphan, I need sponsorship please

  13. Hi, i am from sierra Leone west Africa how will i get your application form please i have bachelors degree in geography

  14. My name is Nakuya Hadijah from Uganda post graduate in bachelor degree in law, please i need help because I need to a achieve mi goals, to become someone in future, I pray that my request is put into consideration

  15. hello am I Rwandan and am eligible I real need this scholarshscholarship please send Me the ink I will use to apply ….thank you

  16. I wish to apply for a diploma in lower (primary) education. am a Ugandan holding a certificate in primary (lower)education or please am given that offer, and if so how can apply.
    Can I be offered a chance for Environment and Tourism. if so how can I apply. thanks.

  17. I need a scholarship for lecture. For teaching English,mathematics, engineering science i have grade 12 and N4 certificate in electrical engineering heavy current

  18. Hello every body\\’s
    I am Abdalla Hassan Abdi
    I from somalia in Mogadishu
    And i am a university student .
    i belong to a poor family my mother and father couldn\\\\’t bear my dues i want to study in Australia so please help me and give me scholarship to complete my study in Australia

  19. My name is Ahmedou Mohamedou Ebou. I am 26 years old and I graduated from Nouakchott University last year, I would like to pursue my higher education in abroad.I want to do master in international relations.

  20. Please consider me am Mellan Ekuam Lochodo from Kenya have done diploma in Business Management and i need to a degree in one of your universities that you are offering scholarships.Studying abroad has always been my wish.I hope you will consider me.Thanks.GOD Bless You.

  21. I am interested but from Namibia and never attend any tertiary institutions, please assist if its possible

  22. i want full scholarship
    i want to help me to sucesse the scholoraship

    how i get full scholarship because i can not able to pay the money

  23. my name is misgana esata from Ethiopia.i have BA degree by water resource and irrigation engineering ,know i want to study ma with related department please help me, thank you.

  24. My name is Emmanuela James Hakim am from South Sudan I really need scholarship to complete my study thanks

  25. Thank you very much for sending this email to me, I highly appreciate it and hope I do get accepted for this scholarship ..May you kindly forward the application of to me so I apply thank you

  26. This scholarship is so awesome but I am Rwandan ,if it is possible accept foreign students and look their performance looks forward to hearing your positive response.

  27. I am studied Food Technology & process Engineering at Haramaya university ,Ethiopian
    I am interested regarding Food research in your country.

  28. Am a Nigerian a research master student on theological studies with student of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary with an aim to make a research on the Ethical Dilemma on the role of a Christian military personal in a war situation

  29. first i would like UWA to offer this opportunities.
    am siyum H.and i finished first degree in this year but i want to develop my knowledge to learn abroad please I am interested to apply this scholarship .

  30. Hello, how nice i really need this opportunity to forward my education and i will really appreciate if you people can come up and help me to continue my schooling i will be so very happy and i am hopping to get reply from you people sooner thanks..

  31. Thanks a lot for informing me about all the scholarship that is currently ongoing in the world. I\’m PAUL from Nigeria, please is there any scholarship for that want to be a Pilot?

  32. Hello my lovely brother,i am ariel jean claude so i like to study in university but my life alway tell me to stop it in hard voice, intil now i ask every one what can i do?

  33. I only need cash grant to help me establish an adults\’ education center to teach and help those have the willingness to study especially,the village folks. And also to establish a Bible school!!

  34. Though the scholarship is very plenty opportunity, it is not included students from foreign country like Ethiopian students. So, would you give a chance for students from such place get the scholarship and try to examine how much we are good.
    best regards
    Rutekereza Eliazard

  35. Am from Cameroon a student holding an advance level will be glad if am chosen to study at your university

  36. Hlo sir madam
    i am so much thankful to you that u offer scholarship for me but i am in Nepal.i am studying
    bachelor of veterinary sciences at seventh semester.i need scholarship for my undergraduate level for the betterment of my veterinary sciences.i will be grateful if u provide this scholarship for me at Agriculture and Forestry University,Nepal.
    Durga Dhungana

  37. Am looking for a scholarship to fund me next year for my studies. can you pls send me links of schoolarship application forms


  39. I\’m kenyan kindly so interested to upgrade my qualification at your institutions please attach the information thank you

  40. Thanks a lot but am not from Mauritian and not a citizen of Australia.Am a Cameroonian wishing to study in your country under scholarship.I know it\’s having one of the best universities that\’s why am so interested but am not from Mauritian.Thank You

  41. hello i\’m david Iradukunda from africa rwanda i spent day and nigth looking for schoralship hip please link me to apply for. kind regard

  42. I am a holder of Diploma in Law and General Principles and interested to study bachelors degree please help me the schorlarship

  43. I would like to get a scholarship and sponsor because am come from poor family and i hope i gonna complete my dream.Thanks

  44. has I am even typing this comment.I have been accepted to 4 universities but due to lack of funds my dreams are shutting down.I would like to have a bursary but the problem is how to have it.

  45. I hereby would like to thank you so much to allow me to apply scholarship. May God bless your institution.

  46. Dear, coordinator
    I am graduated from Addis Ababa University on first degree in biology. and I have 10 years experience in different area like as environmental pollution protection expert and as agriculture and food standard development expert.so if you gave me the chance to study post graduate in food processing or in food microbiology I will develop my capacity and add my efforts to ward the development of food and agricultural standard development which is important for to deliver safe food to the consumers.

  47. Hello. My target was to study from abroad and i improve my career of writing but still it is becoming hectic because of financial issues. when i was in senior three Ugandan education system, I wrote a book entitled HIGH SCHOOL but even up to now it is published though i spend sleepless nights planning how to raise money to boast it and get it published..that\’s why i opted for scholarships so as to achieve my dreams as a writer and a travel agent.. by the way if any body that has accessed this post and can help me some where, contact me on my email. alleluiasimon@gmail.com

  48. Am Asiimwe from Uganda having adiplom in medical laboratory technology.. I need to do a degree. I need ascharlship.

  49. Is this scholarship only offered to the citizen or Namibian student should also apply? This is a good opportunity,

  50. dear:sir/madam
    am Patrick and I finished high school last year so when i wos a kid I always have ambitious to study abroad so please help to get that scholarship because I don\’t know what can so please help me thanks for your good answer.
    Tuyisenge Aime Patrick

  51. I am a brilliant but needy student who wishes to pursue his educational life abroad. I will be very grateful when am given this scholarship as an opportunity to study in your country. I wish to graduate as a petroleum engineer and to help in the petroleum engineering sector as to make life easy for the upcoming generation.
    Thank You.

  52. I would like to study a bachelors degree in mass media or journalism. I am good at speaking English fluently,so please help me with a scholarship grant to achieve my dreams.

  53. though the scholarship is very plenty opportunity, it is not included students from foreign country like Ethiopian students. So, would you give a chance for students from such place get the scholarship and try to examine how much we are good.

  54. Wow, guys grant me that. You know, am always wishing to go ahead with education but no support. Am an orphan losing the most important person who care for us, thats father. I and my elder want that help. But know we are science students. When will school start because we have stay for so long at home, doing nothing. So keep us busy… We are ready.

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