$5,000 NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship

Hospitality, as one of the fastest growing career fields, delivers many areas in the domain which can offer full career opportunities. Whether you choose to be a marketing specialist, admin, sales representative, or finance manager, the hospitality industry is comprehensive enough to support your dream. However, you may feel that you are financially constrained and you cannot pursue a degree in this field. Keep in mind that many students look for hospitality management scholarships which allow them to pay for their education. You can also apply for a hospitality scholarship and use the amount to pay for your tuition, or traveling to job or internship and so one.

A high number of different scholarship programs are now open to students willing to study hotel management and other types of management in hospitality industries. Among these hospitality scholarships, one dedicated to students, especially female students, is the NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship.

If you are not accustomed with what NEWH is and does, find out that the company is a premier networking resource for the hospitality industry. The company is also providing scholarships, education, leadership development, and business development opportunities. The company is all about Education, Scholarship, and Business Networking. Precisely, the company is:

1. Sponsoring scholarships and promoting education of eligible students who aspire to enter the Foodservice, Hospitality, Senior Living, and other related industries.

2. Encouraging exchange information and cooperation between people or interested parties in all aspects of the Foodservice, Hospitality, Senior Living, and other related industries.

3. Disseminating information to the industry through seminars, lecturers, trade meetings, news bulletins and many more.

4. Serving the members of NEWH, students, and industry also.

The NEWH Women Leaders Scholarship is mirroring NEWH’s initiative on supporting brilliant and driven female students who wish to pursue a career objective in the hospitality industry, specifically in the hospitality management. The scholarship is valued at $5000 and the winner will be honored April 6-7, in Los Angeles, California at BDwest during the Boutique Design Power Players: Women Leaders in Hospitality panel discussion and breakfast. NEWH will cover the expenses for traveling and lodging for one night.

Female students who will be considered eligible to apply must comply with the following admission requirements:

1. The applicants must be currently enrolled and attend an accredited college

2. The applicants must have completed half the requirements for an undergraduate degree or be enrolled in a graduate program

3. The applicants must show need and have eligible outstanding debt for tuition, books or supplies at time of scholarship award in April. The scholarship is not fully covering the expenses.

4. The applicants must have cumulative 3.0 GPA/B average or equivalent.

5. The applicants must be pursuing a career objective in hospitality management

Those who comply with the above mentioned admission requirements can apply here: http://newh.org/available-scholarships/

  1. I need scholarship for my undergraduate. I really need your help. I can\’t afford my college fees.Hoping for your help and support.

  2. I want to say that am pasionated about the scholarships so if you can tell me how can get scholars please. Thx a lot

  3. I am men and working in this industry as catering matron and i want to study PhD in this industry can i apply for this college or not

  4. Iam studying MBBS
    Iam in need of scholarship
    To pay my fee.please help me
    Iam in first year
    Aged 18 years india

  5. Hi every one, especially the great team handling this scholarship award. This id an era of transformation on women\’s education. I aplaud all the brains behind this scholarships. Iam a female Ugandan, serving as the Dean Of Students. In a young University in Northern Uganda Where Konys war has been for the last Two Decades. I feel this course is for me, I greatly need it as far as handling Students and my administrative roles as a Dean. Given chance iam sure I shall crest a Huge Impact in the fields of Education as far ad Hospitality and Leadership is concerned. Looking forward to further push this communication to another level. Thanks. Sincerely, Aceng Emma Dean Of Students Lira University. Uganda.

  6. Am a Zambian boy born in a family of three boys i desire to pursue my career as possible but money for school is being challenge to find so i was ask if you can pardon me with a bursary i will be great full if you are going to grant me with one thank you please help i want to go to the university.

  7. I am female..
    I am good reader , studied linguistics and also interested in marketing..
    I wish I could win this opportunity..

  8. hi I am BUNDI ORPER MORAA from Kenya, I have through with a BED arts degree give me this opportunity please. I am interested in hospitality course. thanks

  9. My name is Lesley Musarurwa and have been enrolled with the Atlantic International University and I am looking for a scholarship in order to persue my Degree in Laegal Studies.

    Lookng forward to a favourable response. The amount in question is USD 4400 times two together with my husband which will come up to USD 8800 directly to the school.

  10. am Theopista from kenya taking bachelor of education in sciences.am interested please give me a chance

  11. this is a great news thanks so much I am currently doing MBA in Project Management At Njala Universitiy in Sierra Leone

  12. Hello good morning am Zara from Ghana and facing some financial problems in school I plead wth u to help me..am in the tertiary offering physician assistant but luck of some financial problems am facing I need ur help

  13. wow that sound interesting , I m a business man and trying to further my degree program, given the chance I will excel greatly

  14. It\’s awesome to work in hotels,and it could be a great opportunity for people searching scholarships.

  15. Thanks for this grade opportunity. I like to do admin in hospitality​ management. I also like to be a sales representative. I will so much appreciate if the administrative will get back to me for further guides on travel and residence ,or study and work .

  16. Thanks I am female assistant lecturer in debre markos universty .Ethiopia. I have 3.83 Cgp in my first degree and one peblished pepper . pleace give me chance

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