Human Rights Scholarship Awarded by the University of Melbourne

The Human Rights Scholarship, established by the most reputable university from Australia, the University of Melbourne is awarding annually two scholarships to driven graduate students interested in undertaking research in the field of human rights. The Human Rights Scholarship is targeting students from all over the world encouraging a dynamic multiculturalism.

Which is the duration of the Human Rights Scholarship?

For students who are undertaking a Master by research degree, the Human Rights Scholarship will be awarded for up to two years whereas those undertaking a Doctorate by research degree will be awarded up to three years.

What are the benefits of the Human Rights Scholarship?

The two lucky students will receive a fortnightly living allowance which includes the maternity and paternity leave and a limited paid sick. The living allowance is estimated at $26,916 per year. Also, the lucky students will receive a relocation grant for them in case they are moving to Melbourne from outside Australia or interstate. The relocation grant is estimated at $2,000 for students who move from outside Victoria and $3000 for those who move from outside Australia wishing to study at the University of Melbourne.

Please review the full list of benefits here: http://ask.unimelb.edu.au/app/answers/detail/a_id/5975/kw/apa

IMPORTANT NOTE The Human Rights Scholarships does not cover the tuition fees for international students.

Who is eligible to receive the Human Rights Scholarship?

The students eligible for this scholarship are those who have previously applied for and met the entry requirements for the Master or Doctorate by research degree.

Another category of eligible students is that where they are currently enrolled in a research degree at the University of Melbourne and have at least 12 months of candidature remaining. Please check the full list of eligibility criterions based on which the future awardees are selected: https://studenteforms.app.unimelb.edu.au/apex/f?p=153:2:0:::2:P2_ID:221

The students who are not eligible to receive the Human Rights Scholarship are those who have previously received one.

The selection process

The students will be selected based on the area of study and their level of commitment to human rights and academic merit. Students will have to provide documents as a proof of their academic commitment.

The application process

Students interested are invited to complete the application form here: https://prod.ss.unimelb.edu.au/student/SM/eApplications/eAppLogin.aspx?r=&f=%23UM.EAP.CI2LOGIN.WEB

The application should be submitted for both the Human Rights Scholarship and Graduate Research Scholarship group

The opening and closing date for the Human Rights Scholarship

The opening date is July 1, 2017 and the closing date October 21, 2017. The scholarship is awarded on an annually basis.

The course starts in September 2018.

The outcome

The lucky winners will be notified by e-mail in February.

For more info, students are advised to consult the following webpage: https://studenteforms.app.unimelb.edu.au/apex/f?p=153:2:0:::2:P2_ID:221

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  1. In 2014 I had stroke, currently I have leftside of my body paralised, arm, hand and leg I can only walk a bit with walking stick, but I am willing to continue with my studies Master in humanity or Management. But to do so I havo no funds to support my studies I need a scholarship because the world nowadays many people are suffering from violences of many kind, such as domestic violence, small girls forced to abandon schools to be engaged to earlier marriage. I want to defend these groups of people, so please help me to reach my goal I know that my Master degree will be very useful also to give me a job with high income working for NGOs or public sector.

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