Live your dream and study with a $5000 scholarship in the USA

One of the most smallest but comprehensive and historical cities in the United Kingdom, Bangor is welcoming students across the world. Bangor, a city in Gwynedd unitary authority, is the oldest city in Wales being home for a population of almost 20.000, including around 10.500 students at Bangor University. Bangor University, founded in 1884, is constantly dedicating to academic excellence, furthering this preoccupation across more than 130 years. Bangor is one of the oldest and most prestigious degree awarding institutions in the United Kingdom.

Bangor University is extremely involved in supporting students and is keen to offer extra help to them providing bursaries and scholarships worth over 1 million pounds for new and returning students. The amount offered through the Bangor International Undergraduate Scholarships is £6000 as follows:

1. £4,000 per year (an equivalent of $5,000) for all outstanding international students

2. £2,000 per (an equivalent of $2,633) year for all self-funding students

There is no need for an additional scholarship application as students will be considered automatically when they opt for a Bachelor’s program offered by the University of Bangor.

How students can apply for an undergraduate program?

Students must first find a course they wish to pursue. Courses can be found by accessing the following link https://www.bangor.ac.uk/international/courses/undergraduate/. They will browse by subject area. Students will see that the university is resourceful and it offers diversified academic programs able to match the preferences of the undergrad students. No matter which subject they will choose, it is highly important that they read the entry requirements before proceeding any further.

Besides the entry requirements section, students will be able to read the presentations for each program they select as well as they can familiarize themselves with the opportunities, careers, and employability after graduating their chosen program. In order to apply for the chosen program, student will click on the how to apply section. Two options will be displayed:

1. Applying directly to Bangor where they have to read through the Guidance Notes before they begin the online application form. Once they have read the guidance notes, they can proceed and visit the online application system and create a login ID and password.

2. Applying to study at Bangor through UCAS. Students who are not familiarized with UCAS, it is an online application system which allows students to apply for up to 5 courses in the United Kingdom through one application. Students, for example, can apply for more than one program at a selected university where they can apply to study BA Psychology and BSc Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology at Bangor.

English Language Requirements

Whether they are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program, international students need to meet the English Language Requirements. The level of English required depends on the course they wish to apply for and there are a few exemptions available also. For more details, students should refer to the English Language Requirements page here https://www.bangor.ac.uk/international/applying/entryrequirements.php

  1. I sincerely need your help on this scholarship, God has deposited so much in me academically, please don\’t allow finances to barricade my way. Thanks so much, I anticipate a favorable consideration.

  2. Hello! I am Ashenafi I have a great attitude to join in your university.I would like to study mechanical engineering an undergraduate student.my vision is to create new thing or to develop before they created.

  3. Am Ugandan at the age of 23yr .
    I been trying out but things instead are getting worse for me, my parent paying my tuition is totally sick and infected by cancer but I still recall my dream of Doing ACCA.
    Please help.
    May The Almighty bless the work of your hands.

  4. I really want help to further my education, my parents doesn\’t believe in women education, please I want to prove them wrong.

  5. Hello!
    my name is Ida Nzitonda ,i have been studying at Akilah IsInstitute for Women .But because of the situation of our country our University close doors.And till now before my dad dead in2016 i\’m not studying and a help from you will be another opportunity to me to stay focused on my dreams.
    thank for your ucmpreunderstanding.

  6. I need help on how I can be awarded a scholarship or grant.
    I really want to be educated help me out I\’ll appreciate.

  7. I am very excitting to go abroad for higher study i have many dreams for me my country also please tell me about abroad studies at my cell number +923438224660

  8. Hello,l a girl aged 16,both of my parents died.l need help please assist me in any way possible.l need a bursary and l am doing form 3.

  9. Hello. I am a Zimbabwean and I would very much like to be considered for a scholarship abroad as my parents cannot afford for my tuition. Please consider me. Thank you

  10. i am so interested in this scholarship and wanna be enrolled in the university for a degree in engineering . how do I apply pls ? i dont want this chance to escape me

  11. I\’m Alex from Kenya ,,I have also been trying to register for the scholarship .I pray that Gods time is coming soon,,,very moved by the requests being made by fellow Africans God bless you all

  12. I wish to be supported to be able to persue my masters degree in international economics and policy.
    Iam able to study and excell and if possible be retained for teaching

  13. Am from Zimbabwe.I finished my GC O level A level,I wish to study by scholarship because have no one to pay for me to proceed Diploma as well to degree

  14. Hello
    I\’m from Congo Brazzaville and i would like to continue My studies by obtaining a Scholarship due to the fact That financially My family cannot afford it .

  15. I\’m a Liberian from West Africa will be very excited if I am selected for the scholarship. Here is my problem I done have any funds to go about it.

  16. I\’ll be grateful if given the chance to further my education and I would really like to apply for the scholarship so can you please help me thank you

  17. hello, am already in university of Ghana. but i would like to transfer to any university in United State of America. kindly send me a feed back on how am suppose to go about it. And with this transfer I would be needing your much welcomed scholarship, thank you.

  18. I am Zandile Dlamini, I am interested in the scholarship I am already enrolled in a Swaziland University but can not afford the fees.contanct +26876963878

  19. Hi,

    I am McNeiley Bendauer Pierre and a native Haitian whom has greatly a passion for learning.

    I am interested in attending to an ESL training program. So I had started getting in touch with Interlink at Valparaiso University, but I can not afford it.

    If you quite completely devote to award me a scholarship,so it will be great step for my future goals.

    Please, if you are willing to help me with some financial means…..
    Send me a link to apply for it if your associated schools are currently offered this program.

    I am looking forward to knowing what will come up later for your benefit in future?

  20. Hi,,

    Do they offer an ESL training program to all international students which English is their non-native languages?

  21. Hi
    I’m interesting
    I’M a student in high school in grade 11. Peels help me? about scholarships for USA

    My name is jaabir yahye from somalia please can you help me? Phone No +252633395210

  22. I am applying for undergraduate study it have been my dream to study abroad and I hope my dream come true. Melvin W. Bee from Africa, Liberia respectfully.

  23. I am interested to pursue undergraduate programme in Psychology through this scholarship platform. I am a citizen of Nigeria. Kindly assist me to actualize my aspiration.

  24. I would like to apply for a Masters\’ degree program in your institution. this will help to improve my Knowledge as an educator by profession.

  25. My name is Musse and I need this chance very well with gods help I want to learn software engineering and I know I have the capacity to it programming is in my blood and I think I could make Chang to the world.i

  26. I am studying my first degree in midwifery currently in Ethiopia ambo university and i believe this chance is for me

  27. I am emmanuel Chungu from Tanzania please I need schoolarship if possible.And I have 23 years old.I am come from to the poor family so I need schoolarship in order to join university education level .Thanks may God bless you

  28. I am emmanuel Chungu from Tanzania
    I am 23 years old.I need scholarship from you if possible because I am come from to the poor family so I need schoolarship in order to join university education .Thanks may God bless you.

  29. Iam a hard-working young woman who passed well in high school and A level ,am looking forward to pursuing my dreams by studying law but Idont have enough funds to do that,so iam kindling asking you to choose me and believe me you won\’t regret it,thank you

  30. Hi. I am Noureldein I study hard all the time to be a good doctor and I am looking for a good opportunity to do it

  31. my name is puok reath chuol ilike university of bangor,so your selectet me aready and my file clinical nurse for degree next idon,t have money to do all procese and thank!!!!!!

  32. my name is Foni Mary from Uganda , i kindly request that i may be accepted to do my bachelors in journalism under the scholarship programmer, thanks a lot, patiently waiting for appositive reply .

  33. My Name is Pius c. Kitamoi from Tanzania i need scholarship to study bachelors degree in computing Information and technology.

  34. My Name is Sam Olu Garyeedea,a liberian citizen and a graduate of the Bassa high with a high school diploma ,i wish apply to your noble institution for schalorship, currently i am reading public administration major and management minor, i am a freshman student, i am applying for this schalorship because the educational status in our country is not really motivitive and i wish to seek advance education.

  35. My name is Meseret Hunduma Basha , I wish to apply to masters of business administration program. This program is a solid step towards my future career . I want to do this program because I want to change my career path. Should I be given the chance to be a recipient of your bursary program. I am very glad to accept it. I am hoping that this will merit your preferential attention . Thank you. i am from ethiopia

  36. am Mutai from Kenya, kindly am in need of scholarship to study engineering technology because i have full potential in engineering field of which i feel if i be given an opportunity i will do great to my nation an other nations an to the future generations.
    Thank you.

  37. My name is Amare Fassil from Ethiopia
    I have bachelors degree in biology and an MSc. degree in Botanical sciences. Currently I have joined Oda Bultum University which is one of Ethiopian Universities and I am delivering Botanical science courses there. Hence it is my great pleasure to continue studying my PHD program concerning my specialization such as Plant Pathology, Plant biotechnology, Ethno pharmacognosy and other related subjects as per the needs of the university.
    I am eagerly anticipated hearing from you the good NEWS.
    Thank you for considering me as a candidate.
    yours sincere, Amare Fassil

  38. I am currently stuying pharmacy in my country, Malawi at one of the colleges here called College of Medicine.my problem is the tution fee which is very high.would it be possible for you to help me with some grants so that I can finish my studies here in malawi or else I should come there at your college to do the same programme.
    Waiting to here more from you.

  39. Hie
    I wish u might pick me for this schorlaship please I really need this.Im facing challenges I can\’t pay for my studies.Please have mercy on me I need the Schorlaship.
    I wish you can pick me so I can fulfill my dreams
    Thank You

  40. My Names are Gideon Rotich,28 years hold certificate in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- PLANT OPTION] i would be gratefull if you sponsored me for aundergraduate in the same course

  41. I have masters of degree in business administration. Now I need phd in transformational leader ship.Iam an Ethiopian give me a chance no one helper except my God.

  42. HELLO

  43. Hello I\’m Elisha Madaha from Tanzania I would be very happy to be part of Bangor University. it will be good this to take further studies in computer science

  44. Thanks for this information. I\’m Christopher T. Takely from Liberia. I have a great interest in doing Nursing to save life but no money. Will you please help me obtain a full scholarship?

  45. Hi I am Jutowo J. Dolo a student of economic at Atlantic International University stranded in tuition payment .I am kindly you to please assistant me to complete my study .
    Jutowo J. Dolo

  46. Hello,I am Martha from Uganda and the UNICAF scholarships through which i am to apply,happen to be for only master applicants yet i am interested in applying for an undergraduate. please kindly advise me on what to do because am confused.

  47. I really interesting with this Scholarship. I would like to pursue inorder to BA as business management. Am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank You.

  48. Iam an international student a holder of bachelor of Arts in Development Studies would like to pursue my postgraduate studies in developmet studies or economics plse advise me other wise i will be greatful to give chance to study at yr institute

  49. I would like to pursue my career in my Postgraduate iam so passionate about it plse advise me how i can be admited in the university i will be greatful to get ascholarship

  50. Thanks for the updates about the scholarship. I would like to pursue a business course majoring in Procurement and supply chain management. Am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  51. am happy to get more information about this scholarship and I need to studies on that university please help me i request you for your assist and I need for your contact number.If you give me the chances to joined your institutions I want to learn in business for Accounting and finance management and i hope you will grant my request to help me.Am from Kenya

  52. I am happy to get more information about your schoolarships. i am looking forward to hearing from you.
    actually, i have a bachelor degree in ENGLISH+EDUCATION and i would like to improve my education in languges.

  53. I am interested in your scholarship please can you put me through the procedures. I will be highly obliged if you consider my request

  54. Am Oba Ajagbe. A local Pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church. I would be grateful if am given Scholarship to get Ph D in theology. I have M.A Theology. God bless.

  55. I am Dylan Chigwanda doing A level Commercials and l would want the scholarship inorder to pursue my dream bachelors degree in Business Management. I am from Zimbabwe.

  56. Good day!
    I\’m Ikechukwu Nelson from Africa,Nigeria to be specific,an undergraduate of psychology in one of the reputable Universities here,
    please i like to apply for this scholarship,
    How do i go about it please?
    I need the link to register.
    Because i wanna get to the zenith of my academic.

  57. Hi, I am Nimona Abebe from Africa, Ethiopia graduated with applied chemistry. My CGPA is about 3.80 and now if you give me the chance to join your institution I want to learn in any related field in post graduate program.

  58. Thank you for the opportunity that you grunt us! I\’m solange from Rwanda I\’m done with my university studies I wish to be ur student dealing with my masters in business matters but I don\’t have any support ur scholarship may help to arrive on my dreams thank you!

  59. My name is Tatenda Danana am from Zimbabwe I am a high school senior and am looking for a scholarship to to do economics or law please help my phone number is +263774793801

  60. My name is Fanuel Kamba from Zimbabwe I\’m studying transport and logistics (cilt)…l will b grate full if am to be granted the scholarship to complete my masters in Supply Chain Management

  61. I am Peter D Berh from Liberia and I have been wishing to enter to university but I don\’t have any support. I hope you will grant my request to help give me the opportunity.

  62. I thank you for offering this opportunity for the nation of the world.am longing to have this opportunity for the last 6 years and i thank u for your consideration.am ethiopian and had Bsc in applied physics,determined to attain my dream in your institution/program.

  63. Good evening sir/ madam. I am a Kenyan, crippled financially but blessed with great mental capacity …nothing can excite me to land in your noble institution to escalate my education to greater nights of achievement.. Am currently a year two student at KIBABII UNIVERSITY-KENYA.I am doing my undergraduate degree in criminology… I would like to study it to the utter most should I be granted this gold -like opportunity to change my scars to stars.Thank you in advance as I am looking forward to receiving your positive response.

  64. I am Karande Ezekiel Lemashon wishing to study law in your institution, yet I am able to raise any a mount to cater studies. What can I do?

  65. I\’m a Ghanaian who finds interest in Health courses, am currently practicing midwifery but need to climb higher in Education. Hope to get this chance and I will make the best out of it. Thank you.

  66. my name is islem I\’m from Tunisia I haven\’t graduated but i will graduate high school this year , i\’m studying economic and management and it will be so perfect if i could get this scholarship to start collage next year in bangor university , i really want to get this scholarship it will change my life


  68. I am looking for a PhD in Psychology in your institution which is scholarship funded. I would be very grateful if I am awarded an opprotunity to further my studies

  69. am ofwono james from Uganda
    i did diploma in information and technology and i need a scholarship in graphics and designing.

  70. My name is yared tareke and i have bsc degree in horticulture from mekellele university. currently ,iam workinging in the first botanic garden in Ethiopia called gullele botanic garden nobody have no experiance inits kind. i want upgrade in amenuity/landscape horticulture this is abig gap in our office.pls help…i am plead for ur avaliable response.

  71. I,am Matewos Alemu from Ethiopia I have BA degree in civics & ethical education I want to get MA program in your country university.

  72. Hi I have adiplma in agriculture specialing in animal but I need a help for further studies because now am waking in organic farm

  73. My name is mariama I am from Liberian I have a dream of being an IT specialist so I hope you can help me make my dream come to reality

  74. I\’m Edgar Edwin from Tanzania. I have a dream of studying IT, I am accomplishing my O-level education this year. I will be glad if i \’ll receive this opportunity in future.

  75. My name is Nura hamza from Nigeria I am national diploma holder in public administration if this opportunity been given to me I will seriously make used it

  76. I am very interested, I need to join MA in Economics and I candidate of MA in leadership and good governance so for the future I would like to join MA in economics and PhD leadership and good governance in 2018. but I have no chance to start because of shortage income .in short can you help me ?

  77. I wrote three different books in my country Ethiopia on a nationality called siltie but professionally a pharmascist by talent an author please help me to upgrade my talent with a knowlegde i hope you will help me.

  78. i am a pharmascist, a poet and a teacher from africa Ethiopia eager to learn history and culture please help me to reach my dream i am unable to afford education feesabroad

  79. I will really like to join this intitution to perceive my dreams to study to become a photographer and film maker. I really need this scholarship
    Cause i cant pay for my fees. I am a south african child who want a better futuer in her

  80. I appreciate this opportunity i am in my last year in high school i need scholarship in food school.
    I am a Rwandan.

  81. please can i get a full scholarship since i have no one to pay my bills and am willing to study too. am in Ghana. please any help for me ?

  82. I need scholarship by arectac and drowing first degree
    My name is Beamlakfekad Degarege
    My level is very nice student

  83. Am a Liberian from West Africa. How can I obtained a scholarship from you because I am interested in studying Computer Science and IT..

  84. I\’m hapoy to recieve from you i will be glad to get a scholarship so that i can reach my dreams os getting my second degree (Masters degree in Psychology) Help me iam ineed of it so much.

  85. Kindly i m interested to study diploma in I.T m fresh from high school.my nationalism is Kenya , plz help m coming from very poor background , and m ready to study

  86. hie! my name is lucy zimba, Malawian doing IT advanced certificate, l want a scholarship to do diploma and masters degree majoring in NETWORKING.

  87. Hello?
    Am Onganga Elisha, a kenyan. Have done my first degree in education arts (English and literature). Am longing to have my masters in a caurse related with my first degree and need fully sponsored scholarship. Can I be guaranteed to further my education in one of your institution?


  88. Hi am really looking for help, I want to study Banking and Finance in any country with free scholarships coz I have financial problems to persue my education. If u can help me, it will be of profound significance

  89. Hi
    Am a biological science student in the university of Abuja, Nigeria I want to apply for an undergraduate degree, please Hw do I do it without the help of an agent in my country?

  90. i am kindly requesting your help to apply for a full scholarship. i want to study computer science information technology.

  91. Hie..thank you so much for replying my message. I am kindly asking for your help in applying for a full scholarship.I would like to do actuarial sciences.Your help will be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance


  93. Am wellings mbughi from malawi. I have diploma in financial accounting. Am looking for a scholarship to further my studies please help me

  94. I hope to get an opportunity, because opportunity comes but once and this is my one and only chance. Thanking you in advance.

  95. Hello I am Marilyn Hennie Musa .. I am a Civil Engineering graduate from Sierra Leone University … I will like to apply for a post graduate program. Can you please help me how I can go about it ? Thanks very much .

  96. i am omodara femi, a graduate of mechanical engineering here in Nigeria. i also need this scholarship to further my career. i would be glad if i am given the scholarship.

  97. My name is Abdul Wasiu Mahmud, am from Ghana west Africa, My Greetings to all members in this Wonderful online Scholarship Program .I will be very glad if you could Accept me to admit me at your Scholarship for further Education.

  98. My name is Seini Mafuataimi from Tonga. I wish to go further studies overseas and USA is my favorite country and I do hope you can help me out to apply a scholarship to study accounting and economics in Harvard. Thank you.

  99. I am leya binti corneille from the DRC it has been a great dream of mind to study at Africa university in zimbabwe with a course proposed program Business,peace,leadership and governance .
    I really need your help so that i can apply and achieved my dreams .

  100. I am Bangura Amara M. from Sierra Leone West Africa. It has been a great dream of mind to study in the United State of America with a course proposed program Pharmacy .
    I really need your help so that I can apply and achieved my dreams

  101. Oh thanks so much for sending this message , continue with a huge ambition and its my prayer that you consider me and i would like to pursue a bachelor in Information Technology if am given a scholarship. From Jinja- Uganda.

  102. I will be happy to be one of the foreign students to study in wales for scholarship i will try my hard to put forward all my documents wither it is my personal documents or public one i wish it works out for me.

  103. Hello I\’m Mahad Ali who live in Somalia because of lack of education so I kindly need for full helping I mean full scholarship because I can\’t pay the fee of the university so I got scholarship here in Somalia than the next year they charged me to double or leave the university after that I leave and now stay in home without education and I need healthcare because I have nerve big problems. So please and please help me and contact me because I young man who is dying in Somalia

  104. Hello, am Josephine Sichoongwe Phiri(mrs)

    I want to do Masters in Socioology of Education in the USA. I need to hear more

  105. realy I want that free Msc scholarship program in plant genetics and breeding or agronomy since I have Bsc in plant science from Ethiopia.

  106. Hello ! I am Nann Htar Kyi(Dahlia).I am interesting to study in your university. The subject i would like to get most is psychology and Environmential Resource Mangenment an undergraduate. Hope i get a chance to study in your university.

  107. Hello ! I am Nann Htar Kyi(Dahlia).I am interesting to study in your university. The subject i would like to get most is psychology and Environmential Resource Mangenment. Hope i get a chance to study in your university.

  108. Hello am Erick and am insterested to in studying in your university pursuing Environmental resource management as an undergraduate, I will highly appreciate if ever you can offer me a chance

  109. i am seriously in need of a scholarship, i want to do master in early childhood. i have Bsc in early childhood development.

  110. tanks by informing me. I can be glad if I can get this scholarships and I pray to God to find it so that I can be able ti continue with my studies. I\’m here in South Africa

  111. Hello
    I really needs a scholarship in ecology or biodiversity or conservation of environment I have a licence diploma in ecology and environment please tell me what to do to take the scholarship
    Thank you!

  112. Am persuade bachelor of arts in economics and statistics,I like to continues my masters in economics in USA but haven\’t a sponsor. From Tanzania

  113. Helloo!!!I\’m sifan from Ethiopia. I have BSc degree in Hydraulics and water resource engineering and I need to study my master in your university by related engineering fields if u help me.please email me by emuye19gizaw@gmail.com.
    Thank you for giving this chance.

  114. With great respect I have graduated in chemical engineering and I want to study in bioprocess engineering but I can\’t afford my self financially. So is there any means to win free scholarship to continue my study?

  115. Sir .I need really scholarship .now iam studying 10 in st.joseph\’s high school in guntur. Having many problems but i dont wanted to stop my study.so please help for my studys.

  116. I\’m Mapula Mmatli, I\’m in grade 9 and I would like to study Medicine at the University of Harvard in the US.

  117. I thank the lord for a gracious day like this, and creating such wonderful people like you in this world. I am a Ghanaian and completed high school this year. I\’m interested in studying petrochemical engineering, and please I want your support to make it a success. Thank you.

  118. Hi , am still in high school and I wanna Finnish Finish aloo my studies there in the United States , bicoz here the standard of education is so low and I heard there , there is a much high standard that any other countries in the world …..#pliz help me , I really need this

  119. Hello….! I am Batool and I am from pakistan.I really need this scholorship….### I am intrested the department of business administration (bba)….How do I apply…..

  120. i\’m by names of teta ornella UMUGWANEZA from RWANDA I am much concern about the university of Macalester college because I\’ve always dreamt of being an economists with the purpose of helping my community to achieve a develop life so I would appreciate to hear from u how I could get a full scholarship…. thank you

  121. Hi i\’am a strident from Sénégal and i need a scholoship from your offerts so that i can reach my goal in the fields of studise.*i study english in the department of arts and culture*

  122. Hi i\’am a strident from Sénégal and i need a scholoship from your offerts so that i can reach my goal in the fields of studise.*

  123. Hi sir,I am very much concern about the University of Alabama.This is because it has an aeronautical engineering course.i want to study aeronautical Engineering course at your University.I am from The Gambia in West Africa and graduated 2016.since i was at high school school,my aimed was to be an aeronautical engineer.I needed to study aeronautical engineering in my country but we don\’t have the course here.please help me to have a scholarship so that i may have my goals.i will be so much glad if you would give me a scholarship and i can promise you that i would work harder. stay blessed

  124. Hi am Richard from Tanzania, am very much interested to do bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering.
    How do I apply.

  125. Hi,
    I am Saima Hassan from Pakistan. I am very much interested to do M.A in Development Management, Gender Studies, Development Studies or Rural Development. Please guide me how can I apply for scholarship?

  126. my name is adisu solomon,,,,,i want to study masters of inorganic chemistry ,,,if this specialization is near please

  127. Do you accept second class lower grade for a master degree programme in Electrical/Electronics Engineering? If yes how do I apply?

  128. I need to know the procedure of getting this scholarship, I really need to further my education to be able to serve my communities better.One area that needs real focus in my country is the area of Hygiene and Sanitation. Give the chance to study , i will use the knowledge and skills acquired to transform the communities.
    Looking forward for your support.

  129. My name is salim mohamed kabewa from tanzania…l want to study degree of medical docter any country in the world but there is no support and no money to accomodate the activities e.g
    Schoolfes, hostel and food.pleases give me chance to fulfilly my dream
    I hope my dream became true
    Thank you and God blessings

  130. My name is Koudanbe Fidèle Bouba Passalet I\’m from Chad i have got my degree in Telecommunication and Science Compter I would like to continue my Master in Global Navigation for Satellite Systeme or Science Computer. It would be a great pleasure to me to get this scholarship

  131. it would be my utmost pleasure to get this scholarship. i would like to further my career(Business Administration) in an international institution

  132. I\’m very interested and passionate about it please help me to apply fully in your institution. I hope i\’ll hear from u soon! Thank you!

  133. I live in Ethiopia.i have first degree in accounting can i get the golden opportunity scholarship program in master please help me please

  134. Actually studying abroad is extremely difficult with regards to finance.I am madly in need of a scholarship grant to further my education to the university.It would have been very nice and interesting to have heard that I am granted a scholarship from your highly esteemed office.Waiting to hear something good….Big Thanks!

  135. A scholarship is a very good way to finance your studies and enables you to fully concentrate on getting your degree instead of worrying about money issues. This article is gives me an opportunity on how to succeed in my study.
    An it will be my pleasure if I get that scholarship it will give me an opportunity to achieve my dream and my dream come true to be a successful computer scientist.
    I look forward to receiver this award and also your reply.

  136. I need a sponsor for my high education.I am a poor sri lankan student.I like to join Japanese or Australian University.I want to be an engineer in future.so, please help me sir.I have enough qualifications for university education.

  137. thanks your true information it will be my pleasure if i get scholarship for this opportunity to leadership and Good Governance

  138. It will be my pleasure to get a scholarship from your association as it is very much essential for my investigations to continue as my economic status is not that good.

  139. I need this scholarship to make my dream come true professional photographer and computer engineering..

  140. I\’m a drawer I graduated from fan art institute I really like to make comic strip so i need to get a scholarship so that I may see my dream became true

  141. I am Scholastica and I\’m looking for a scholarship in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering/Flight Operations and any other related field in aviation, if you could please help…

  142. I am adebisi fatimah .I would be grateful if my dreams come true through your scholarship forum.I am undergraduate in medical science

  143. hi first i am greeting you all of you then i am very interesting this issue so you have to communicate my number and my number is +252615524879

  144. I have seen your great effort for me to have a scholarship and have a better studies and also make it in life. I am very grateful and I with much joy in me I say Thanks, God bless you

  145. Thanks for the information. Is there anyway to continue study after std x? My daughter \’Shreya\’ is excellent in study.But I have financial crisis. Could u pls give any suggestion?

  146. Dear Sir,I would like to ask you about how I can get international scholarship in Doctoral program.I completed my University level in Master degree.Thanks.

  147. Hi saw this blog of how to make money in South Africa by trading . Please i want to know how much do you need to start trading

  148. I did masters degree in nursing education at Kamuzu College of Nursing Malawi. Can I have a scholarship for PHD

  149. Hi Mr. David, I am interested in applying for this offer but do not how to, can you help me with the format

  150. Am really feeling delighted to be apart of this team ,but sir I need your help to give guidelines and how to apply because I really need this chance .

  151. Am really feeling delighted because it will be really great opportunity for me if granted a chance to study and persuade my dreams in life.

  152. How can I apply Literary courses with scholarship
    I have 4.0 G.P.A in Literature Inam a Tanxanian by citixen

  153. I am really interested in obtaining a scholarship. I want know how to apply for master degree scholarship. I already had my first degree in Business Administration.

  154. Thank you for this information…would like to know if there could be a chance to get ACCA Scholarship…waiting on your postive reply

  155. hi thanku for this message.can i know the procedure how to apply and to get study my masdters in usa with scholar…plz help me

  156. Am Mohamed kargbo from sierra leone,west Africa.I have been struggling to find a way to further my studies,i would very much pleased if you grant me this scholarship in order to actualize my dreams .thanks.

  157. Hello this is great is possible to apply the bursary for supoting education project in our NGO?
    Thank you.

  158. i am so grateful for the good thing you have been doing in this university. my dream is to have $5000 us to enable me attend a short training course in cure meat processing.
    I am a veterinary that has the desire to elevate poverty and hunger through Agriculture.
    thank you anticipation.

  159. Mr David thanks for the update,I am very much interested,but I want to ask question,is the scholarship only for those applying for Indiana,because I am already applying for brigham young university Idaho,do I have a chance to be awarded scholarship to study in my dream university idahoo?

  160. I am looking for masters degree in education. Is it also offered under this programe? Please help.

  161. Thanks very much for this prestigious offer and I will be so grateful an opportunity to study in USA on scholarship.

  162. Thanks so much Sir David for the reminder.Please can someone who completed his/her Secondary level of education also apply?

  163. My name is Jacob I have been trying hard to get to school for My higher education but has been so challenging.i completed my High school in 2012but it unfortunate i haven\’t got to University.I have a chance researved in one of our local university but funding is still a problem.Do you link your scholarship to the local universities?

  164. Is such a wonderful idea from the university, am just hoping that God will make them to select some one with good morals

  165. am interested in getting a scholarship in order to meet my goal. so i want to study information technology

  166. Well i think it will be my greatest happiness to study with a scholarship , and since I know my parents cant afford it , this is my chance to get to study .

  167. I would like to apply this scholarship for M.Sc but I don\’t find out how to do it. Please, could you point out for it?

  168. Hello, this was very good information but i was looking for a doctrate degree in history.
    Thank you.

  169. How can apply for this scholarship and when i do so, is it possible for me to be studying from my home country and still get the money ?

  170. Thank you for the updates.

    I am aware that total estimated expenses for international students including fees and living expenses per years is $27,386 yet the scholarship only awards $5000 per year. Will the award elevate depending on educational level or is it fixed so that we seek for other sponsors to meet the requirement as far as fees are concerned?

  171. I am interested in Information Technology due to my career interested. what is the benefits of the scholarship if given.

  172. Really this is wonderful in developing academic excellence in Uganda and Africa at large because minus scholarships our finacal capabilities is not enough to make us study in India and USA .let this aid help to develop the world.

  173. I thank God for this program, I want to know the detail inform as relates how this program is been run whether it is an online study or class room study. if is class room study, how do I get there in order to do my study since I came from a very poor country, Liberia. I am very much interesting in this program.

  174. am so intrested of going for a scholarship if i was able to get some body to help me out but i hope when day my dream will come to reality

  175. Hello Sir,
    I have done my M.sc (Mathematics) and know i want a scholarship abroad to continue my further study.
    have any schloarship abroad without IELTS.plz inform
    i am from Pakistan

  176. Hi
    My name is Nelson Sehyee
    I\’m from Liberia.

    Is this scholarship program only for in\’l student who\’s basing in the USA ?

  177. I am very interested . I need to join MA in social field .like Educational leadership because I have related experience and currently I am looking for my BA graduation on June 9/2017 my CGPA is 3.5 . so for the future I would like to join MA in 2018. but I have no chance to start because of shortage income .in short can you help me ?

  178. I am very interested . I need to join MA in social field .like Educational leadership because I have related experience and currently I am looking for my BA graduation on June 9/2017 my CGPA is 3.5 . so for the future I would like to join MA in 2018. but I have no chance to start because of shortage income .in short can help me ?

  179. I am a Ugandan aged 37. I have developed myself right from college school.
    I posses a degree in Transport and Logistics Management, currently am pursuing a Post graduate Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management.

    To achieve my dream , I need to do a masters however i can no longer support my self because of other responsibilities.

    Is it possible to get a scholarship in my field or any related field or in Business Administration?

  180. I\’m searching for a scholarship to study masters in structural engineering. Can you please help .

  181. i would like to pursue in clinical pharmacy and i want a full-time scholarship. How do i get this opportunity.

  182. hello, am Stephen Kaujole from Malawi, i just want to request you if possibly that can`t you help me with that scholarship to study in my country ? Because am taking care of my relative so i can`t leave them alone there is nobody who can take care for them .Therefore i need your help please for this .

  183. I am an international student a Diploma holder aged 34 years can I get a scholarship for a degree program .!?

  184. Please sir\’\’ Do have urban and regional planning master as course in Indiana international scholarship cos iam very interested reply please

  185. I am too interested to join in your university depends matured teaching and learning skills and I plain to develop my knowledge and experience

  186. first of all I wish peace for ur organization, next how I can consume the fund settled for me? please send me on this my account number, SWIFT CODE ORI 345284 of Melkamu Alemu Deresa

  187. I am a 42 year old mother of 3, a daughter and twin boys aged 15 and 12 respectively. Currently l am doing Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Environmental Public Health and l wish to proceed with Masters in Environmental Health but l have challenges of cash as l am a single mother.

  188. Hello scholarship team
    Am also very much interested to be given this scholar ship so that I can complete my course in business management. I have been trying to complete but due to lack of money,I was failed.thanks in advance for the offer.

  189. I am very interested to study in USA and it will be a great pleasure if you can give me the opportunity to come and study there and fulfill my dreams

  190. wow it is good opportunities to me. I have graduated from college with BPharma in degree . how can get masters program.

  191. Thanks for the update. Its my hope that my dream of studying at Indiana may become possible. Maybe I would like to ask if at Indiana University, you offer theological degrees!!! then what about Masters degrees in the Faculty of Theology?

  192. am currently pursuing undergraduate studies. am a Kenyan citizen and am greatly interested in this scholarship. I\’ll be glad if granted this opportunity. thanks

  193. I ready the explanatios above, it seems the courses provided by this scholarship are based on undergraduat, I want to know what\’s about masters And there qualifications?

  194. I will be delighted if l get the chance to be a part of this program. I have BA Degree in Anthropology and I want proceed my Masters program. So, please David how can I apply?

  195. Hello,my name is Njinoh Madina Nkechupoh and i am very much interested in this scholarship opportunity i am a cameroonian by nationality and i would really be grateful if i am opportuned to be a part of it.

  196. Hello educational scholarship team!
    I am very interested in asking the service you provide.Is this the distance learning or physically live learning?

  197. Hi sir, am glad for your update and I would like to ask if I can also be supported by scholarship to pursue my course as environmental health science technician. I will be happy for your support .thank you.

  198. I am Mosotho girl aged 19,who completed her high school in 2015.
    Raised by a single parent with five kids.

    I have been trying luck applying for scholarships but I got none.My drean is to be success so i can help my family.
    I will really appreciate to be one of people who will find the scholarship.
    My plan for this semester is to apply at Westcol in South Africa.So I plead for scholarship for me to go to school this year.

  199. When heard of scholarship, I thought that it is tuition free. I am very interested to study in this prestigious institution, but I do not think my family can afford $5000 yearly. Thanks for your kind attention.

  200. I would like get bachelor\’s degree in business administration,please am seeking for financial support

  201. Thank you for the updates studying in Indiana university will be a dream come true for me I know this is the time I will grab the opportunity with both hands. I would love to do a degree how can I apply for the scholarship

  202. I would like to join your university so if there is any chance that allows me to join your university please inform me

  203. hey Dear Sir,I would like to ask you about how I can get master program in agriculture specially in plant science like plant protection or horticulture. does these are available in your university or do you recommend me to which these given.

  204. Thank ur update sir David\’s, sill I am looking real scholarships award to study some over sea country in order to get good quality education.

  205. Dear Sir,I would like to ask you about how I can get international scholarship in masters program.I completed my University level in Education,thus I don\’t know how I can get masters.

  206. Thank you for the reminder David
    What should I undertake in order to benefit from the above scholarship

  207. Thank you for the update. I believe it\’s my time to study at Indiana State University & get the best from your prestigious institution. I be glad to access this scholarship, I have to challenge it.
    Thank you very much.

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