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Growth is not easy. It is a process paved with sweat and sleepless nights while going through a process of transformation of your own being. No one said it was easy, but the product makes the journey worthwhile. By choosing the path you want to take in your life, you decide what is interesting enough to be worthy of your time. East Carolina College is one of the online universities which make it easier for you to access the knowledge you are craving for and feel it demands your attention. Being established in 1907, the Greenville-based school scores as the third-largest university in North Carolina by the number of students enrolled. In 2007, ECU was the first institution which featured an accredited online degree program and has come today to offer more than 80 options for online degrees and certificates.

Online colleges may be the easiest way to become an expert in the subject you want to master since all it demands you to have is perseverance. You can follow the courses of online universities from anywhere you are, at anytime you want and the options out there are just too many not to find something to capture your attention. Online colleges offer programs for both undergraduates and graduates, and there are even some offering PhD programs. Therefore, the opportunities offered by online colleges are endless. Enrolling in online universities usually requires an amount much smaller than the regular tuition fee, but there are also many programs to which any student can apply to. These offer you a way to pay for your tuition, so receiving an online degree seems to be at an arm’s length. Scholarships for college are offered by the university, by the government or by other programs involved in education. One of such scholarships for college is the Global Study Awards which offers its winners £10.000 per individual.

As an undergraduate, looking into ECU offer you can find the possibility of obtaining an online degree in industrial technology, business majors and programs in communication and university studies. The B.S. degrees in industrial technology are available in fields as: health information logistics, bioprocess manufacturing and industrial supervision, and the ones in business treat subjects as: management information systems and operations, management and supply chain management.

The online master’s degree options at ECU is even more extensive, offering a total of 26 degrees, 13 of them being crafted for students who want to pursue a Master of Education. There is also an online alternative licensure program which offers the students who have received a bachelor’s in education to become fully licensed. The options available in the nursing track cover five specializations which include neonatal nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery and nurse leadership. The remaining options include online degrees in core subjects as computer science and criminal justice, as well as niche fields like construction management, occupational safety and communication sciences.

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