No Money for College? The Baldwin Scholarship Offers Up to $15,000 per Year

Online education represent the evolution of learning. Merely 10 years ago, you didn’t have access to the wide library of knowledge provided by online colleges and their affiliated online degree programs. If you wanted to get a higher-education you would have had to enroll with one of the brick-and-mortar educational institutions. But that’s not the case anymore. Online colleges offer their services to everyone interested in getting an education and their online degree programs are available for students across the globe.

Online education institutions are also looking to attract more students in their midst by offering education grants. Traditionally the realm of traditional colleges, educational grants can also be accessed by students of online colleges now. In what follows we’ll provide you with a few relevant examples.

The Italian Government offers a range of scholarships for students in developing countries all over the world, including African ones. The scholarships can be awarded for students who are looking to enroll with a Master or PhD degrees, specialization schools, courses of higher education in Arts, Music, Dance or Italian language/culture with an offline or online education provider location in Italy.

These grants allow students to be exempt from the payment of the university tuition fees, in accordance to current regulations. However, you need to contact your university of choice and see if they agree for your taxes and tuition fees to be covered by a grant. Luckily most of offline or online degree programs providers don’t have an issues with that.


Next off we have the Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship for Developing Countries Students which offers financial helps to students in developing countries interested in conducting studies in human origins, including paleoanthropology, primate behavior and more. Applicants need to demonstrate they have enrolled with an M.A., M.S. or PhD related to the study of human origins or evolution and that they intend to return and work in their home country upon completing the program. The maximum award limit for these fellowships is $15,000 per year. The awards are limited to two years. Students from Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia or Sudan (and more) are invited to apply.


Another interesting scholarship to take into consideration, is the OPEC Fund for International Development. Students who are on the verge of being awarded a diploma from one of the offline or online degree programs out there and wish to study for a Master’s degree, have the opportunity to win up to $50,000. In order to be considered for the bursary, applicants need to demonstrate a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 rating system or equivalent. They also must select an area of study which pertains to OFID’s core mission including economics of development (poverty reduction, energy and sustainable energy), environment and other related key areas.

To apply, candidates need to complete an online application form and send it a bunch of documents lie the last university degree or certificate they hold. A proof of language proficiency and a short essay are also required. So if you are looking to continue the road of higher-education you should definitely try and apply for the OFID scholarship.


  1. My name is Rev. Abraham Karidzamimba. I wish to further my studies in Theology but I can\’t afford the fees. Please help

  2. Hello I am Kume Korsa aged 28 years old I hold Bsc degree in public health professional really I want to get scholar but I have no money please provide me

  3. I am WANDUM Cyprain BAIMENDAH, I am a senior technician of infrastructure and undergoing my degree course in Civil engineering, option: Public works. I have a wide rate of experience due to the fact that i have to work in order to get my fees. On this notice I am in need of a scholarship that will permit me carry on with my masters degree or better still secure me a little job that could permit me pay my fees and living cost while I a

  4. Me Qurban Hussain student of BSSE(Software Engineering) in KARAKURAM INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. I have some difficulty to get education more becase i belong poor family. please show me the rules to apply for this schoolarship.

  5. My name is Budali sharif aged 20 yearsold,I really want to proceed with my studies but I have no money to go for highschool,can\’t you at least provide me with a scholarship please

  6. Please help me with funding to study MBBS at st Vincent and the Grenadines, my classes will start on the 8th may this year but i don\’t have any one to help me sponsor my studies…, if there any funds please help me, you can call me on +265883637175.., even a loan that i can pay back after studies i am willing to take it, even if their organization who help students then after school i should work for them i am willing to do that, i am stranded….please please

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