Company Sponsored Scholarships You Can Take Advantage of Right Now

Are you looking to enroll with a traditional or online college degree, but you fear you won’t have the necessary funds to pay for your offline or online degree of choice? Then you should start entertaining the possibility of applying for a scholarship. While offline or online universities might run out of bursary funds quite quickly, you should know there’s always the possibility of applying for a bursary with third-party institutions.

Many companies accept scholarship applications from students who are in financial need, so if you are interested in applying for a college degree online or offline you should take into consideration this option, as well. In what follows we’ll share some of the best company-sponsored scholarships you can take advantage right now:

Course Hero Monthly Scholarship

Course Hero awards up to $5,000 annually to students who are currently enrolled in an offline or online college degree at the time of the application. Awards will be evaluated on different criteria including sincerity, creativity, thoughtfulness and factual credibility.

To be considered for this award, interested parties must be registered with a free account at CourseHero.com. Students of a college degree online or offline need to write a 500-word essay based on the writing prompt that will be posted on the website.

Scholarship applications are accepted until the December 31, 2016 so if you want to apply you best hurry up, because you have only a few days available to do so.

Flight Network Scholarship

Students who are currently studying for a traditional or online degree with an accredited university can be eligible to apply for the Flight Network scholarship.

The foundation awards $1,000 annually to a US or Canadian resident who can demonstrate a point average of 3.0 or higher. For those who don’t know Flight Network is the largest Canadian-owned online travel agency in the country.

The bursary is awarded based on academic records and the quality of essay depicting the applicant’s love for travel. Winners are to be announced on January 31, with the last scholarship applications to be accepted on December 31, 2016.

“Better than a Loan” Scholarship

Students of college degree online or offline programs can also apply for the “Better than a Loan” scholarship. Lendza.com awards a $2,000 award annually for US citizens or legal permanent residents.

To be considered, applicants need to have a Twitter account and need to tweet a response to the official scholarship prompt with the hashtag #BetterThanLoan. Submissions are going to be judged based on creativity (40%), overall quality (40%), grammatical accurateness (20%).

So if you too are studying with an offline or online college degree with an accredited university, don’t hesitate to take a chance. Posting a tweet is pretty easy, especially since Twitter doesn’t allow for submissions longer than 140 characters.

However, you’ll also need to send in a 500-700-word essay which elaborates on the answer you have provided in the Tweet.

The deadline for this scholarship is also December 31, so you best hurry up and start working on your essay if you truly want to participate in this contest and fund your offline or online degree.

  1. im a 24 year old woman im staying with my grandpArents and siblings.im doing Abet course at Unisa my problem is i might not write my exams due to financial problems.i really need a job to pay for my studies.please fund me please i need this education.

  2. I want to study bt I need a sponsor to help to study a degree or diploma because my parent is unable afford fees for my stdys

  3. please I\’m in dying need of a fully funded scholarship to study an MPhil Economics. I don\’t have anyone to help me this dream a reality

  4. Please help me pursue my career in , I really need this bursary please. I do not have a sponsor to pursue my career of doing medicine can you help.

  5. Hello,
    Iam a Zambian female citizen , I have been accepted to go and study in Canada for January 2018 now Iam unable to pay the school fees iam asking for your favour to help me with the school fees before classes starts . Thank you .

  6. Am SUNDAY SAMUEL a Ugandan by nationality aged 24.am currently pursuing abechelor in business administration at Uganda Pentecostal university but I have a problem of tuition so I was requesting for scholarship for offline studying.
    Thank you

  7. I need assistance in scholarship to persue my studies in medical prosthetics/orthotics science, degree level in RSA Tswane University of Technology TUT.

  8. I am Zambian Woman aged 46 lacking sponsorship to do Master\’s Degree in education. Ple4ase do help me find sponsorship for traditional schools in the USA. I am an African by birth and origin. Please please help. Even if I have difficulties in accessing internet everyday but I do read your mails when I come to check do not throw out. Thanks

  9. Iam currently Pershing a medical course in my second year and I have failed tution fee.l kindly need the offer to save my course. thanks.

  10. I am Ukwu Godswill Amos by name,am from Ebonyi state Nigeria,i finished my National Diploma this year but i dont have money or any sponsor to pay fnr my fees.i real need this bursary or scholarship to continue my Education.+2348112173054

  11. I really need bursary for me and my daughter . I want to complete my Law degree she is a second year psychology student. Any busar will not regret helping us .

  12. I have complete a certificate in Business Accounting studies but I am really need a scholarship to enable myself doing on/offline degree level.Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

    A.Toakai Biribo

  13. I want to be helped with full scholarship in public health related courses. I have masters in public health leadership, from Uganda.

  14. I do a Master program I\’m a Liberian, I don\’t have money to continue my education. Please help me to achieve my dreams and also be a help tomorrow to others, thanks God bless

  15. Thanks very much for the great works you continue to do by helping many people around the world, may God bless USA.

  16. my name is Ismael Hussein i am from Ethiopia i have great ambition for education but i lacks any one who helps me to continue in my education after i got my first degree from public university in this country

    please help me let i achieve my long dream and taste from the worlds sweet

    i hope hearing good news from you

    sincerly yours

  17. I am Eric Dorgbetor from Ghana pursuing Bsc development studies in valley view university,i write to apply for this scholarship to help me improve in My education.

    Thank you

  18. My names are Ling\’umbwa Namangolwa from Zambia, Iam asking for schoolarship so that i can purse my bachelors degree in either Project Management, Development Study, Human Resource Management etc. from any recognised online or offline learning instuition.

  19. Can you kindly assist me an opportunity to have access to pursue my carrier through so cardinal programme.

  20. Dear Sirs/Madams,
    My name is Lemecha Geleto from Ethiopia. I am a PhD candidate at Addis Ababa University and I have already submitted my dissertation proposal. I need a grant for data collection, research equipments and materials for timely completion of my study.
    Sincerely yours\’

    Lemecha G. Wariyo
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  21. My name is Nakabuye Asha am from Uganda am getting done with my high school next year but iam financially unstable to pay for my college so please if you can give me full scholarship please help because i want to achieve my dream of doing a degree in international relations and diplomatic studies thank you..

  22. I\’m a Cameroonian,a student at the university of Buea and an undergraduate….. your support financiallly will enable further my education to greater heights. I\’m looking forward to receive your help

  23. would really like to join for a tradional degree but I am not financially stable, I have been trying to look for a full scholarship with the hope of getting one but I have secured one… think I will get one soon.

  24. Hi I\’m currently student with IQ academy distance learning for project management course first year, student for diploma so for me to get stundent fund,it will be thankful and helpful to finish my study and get a quility job of my dream to serve and change the life of other human being pleasure.

  25. hi. I am Inviolata from Kenya. I wish to study diploma in acting. I love acting and I would like to make it as my career. I hope I get a chance thanks

  26. The scholarship is it 4 only people in college or people that is going 4 degree programme, what about those who have the desire 2 go 2 college but don\’t have the money…? They have not been there b4, they have the zeal to go to school but wasted efforts… Is there no scholarship 4 them…? Bcos am one of them.

  27. Je suis diarrassoubayaya01 yaya titulaire d\’un d\’un baccalauréat scientifique et inscrit en licence 2 de génie électrique.Je suis intéressé par cette bourse d\’étude mais comment faire pour postuler?

  28. I have the desire to study in a country where i will have the opportunity to impart the knowledge i acquire to improve the bad situation in my country Ghana.The field of study is Agro Business or Agric Technology,with much prayers i know the good Lord will touch you to extend this scholarship to me to help improve agriculture in my country.

  29. I am Putsoa Morero from Lesotho, I posses a degree in BSc animal science. I would like to pursue my studies in MSc animal breeding if I get a scholarship funds.

  30. Am Joel Masolo persuing diploma in clinical medicine in second year…but I need a scholarship due to school fee challenges….how can I get this sponsorship for my tuition fee…am really In need..please help.am from Kenya…


  32. Am Lucy Zimba from Malawi doing advanced certificate at St. John Paul 2 leadership and IT Institute . l want a scholarship to study abroad with this course majoring in NETWORKING because l want to be a network administrator

  33. My name is cabdiqafaar from africa specially somalia i gratuated my secondary school level before one year i woul like get oppurtunity of scholership university please help

  34. I am a student of Federal university of agriculture, Abeokuta from the department of pure and applied Botany presently in 300 level.I need fund for last year project.

  35. My Name is Shabu Filate , I am from Ethiopia. I am a graduate of B.sc degree in PHARMACY from one of the accredited universities in Ethiopia with a great GPA of 3.52 with five years of professional experience with different position. I am in need of any scholarship opportunity to start master\\’s degree study either in industrial pharmacy,pharmaceutical analysis or pharmaceutics,hence I beg all international scholarship granting institutions to help me in realizing my childhood dream.

  36. Am a student of oral Robert University off line and African writers but have applied for the grant of 18000 paid by Miles Morland Foundation and need information concerning it for l funds to pay my school fees. Thanks George Antwi.

  37. I haven\’t any comments but I can\’t afford it .if you can contact my brother live in USA call +12028085102.her name is Ayenachew .my name is Mayet Woretaw from Ethiopia. Clinical pharmacy degree student 3rd year.

  38. My name is Ugbad iam a Somali student who want to get this kind of scholarship . I recently ended my secondary level with A grade . And in my idea iam the best for this offer. Thank you

  39. i need a scholarship since i was enrolled in a collage in South Africa doing N series while i am a Swazi by citizenand due to high fees i couldnt finish my course since i hold N5 certificate in Human Resources Management. My initial objective was to hold a degree if not masters. please help me. my contacts are+268 76999 874

  40. My name is shambel getahun from Ethiopia I possess BA degree in sociology from one of the accredited universities in Ethiopia with a very great GPA of 3.75 moreover I have been a consistent topper in my academic endeavor and hard working guy in my career thus far.I am desparetelly in need of any scholarship opportunity to start master\’s degree study either in sociology or other related fieldms,hence I beg all international scholarship granting institutions to help me in realizing my childhood dream.

  41. My name is ridwani wish to study mechanical engineering am from Nigeria I really need your help on this and I got lot if benefits I am also an athlete a long distance athlete

    here Is my contact
    Phone number :07013017941
    My mail onitoloridwan12@gmail.com

  42. I am s Malawian and just like others am also looking for assistance in form of scholarships so I can study abroad in either social work organization project management studies. Fees is a big challenge forefinger for everyone.. I am aleprosy worker and would wish to be equipped more.
    Please assist with sponsorship.

  43. hello am Ali from Uganda, I have a Diploma in Medical laboratory Technology,and I have been admitted to Mbarara University of Science and technology to persue a Bachelors in medical laboratory sciences. However tuition is a great challenge to me, any kind assistance is highly welcome

  44. I\’m currently accepted to study online at AIU but don\’t have enough money to pay my courses. I need financial assistance.

  45. I want some grant for my son\’s university tution pee payments in next two years.I will be hope it. I kindly request from any company or any kindly person cold be sponserd him.
    Because I have no way to continue his payments further.He studing Aerospace Engineering at QUT University in Brisben. Please help us.Thankyou.God Bless.

  46. Dear Sir /madam.
    I\’d like t apply for scholarship but I don\’t know how,I therefore enquire you to assist me.
    I\’m therefore looking forward to your response
    Yours faithfully

  47. My Name is Ikechukwu Daniel okwuobasi.from Nigeria. From a poor Background, i need this grant, for my masters and P/D. Thanks.

  48. I am a certificated draftsman (Monrovia Vocational Training Center). Now I am desperately interested in a scholarship to forward my education to become a Civil Engineer that is my dream. Please help me and God will keep blessing you and your family.
    Please contact me :+ 231770781940

  49. currently I am a phd candidate. However, due to financial problem I am forced to withdraw. Would you find option to continue my phd?

  50. Thanks for offering such scholarship, I\’m HANSON G ZINNAH a Liberian.I actually want this scholarship in to meet my goal.thanks

    Awareness raising on human trafficking / women and children in Sierra Leone the role of communities and members of parliament social cooperate responsibilities as community facilitators’, in the various wards and constituencies in Bombali District Northern Province. In securing the right of women and children’s protection in Sierra Leone
    Makeni Bombali Shebora Chiefdom, / Gbanti Kamaranka and Sanda Taindaren in Bombali District Northern Province.
    The project if funded will commence on the 10th October 2017, and end up in December 2018.
    The CNC-Watch New Africa development organization is a non-political, non-governmental organization, establish in 2005.by indigenous young and old stakeholders within the district. The CNC Watch was formally call (URDO Human Rights Watch) United Rural Development Organisation.
    The main aim of the organization is to undertake community development activities and to promote good governance, transparency and achieved democracy within it reach. The organization has it structure as follow:
    • Program coordinator : Pastor Sulayman M. Jalloh
    • Project field officers: Osman Conteh.
    • Finance officer : Salay Dumbuya
    • Admin officer : Admin Officer
    • Office messenger Momodu Kamara
    • Office security : Mohamed Alie Bangura
    • Director : Alimamy Kamara
    Has a bank account at Rokel Commacial bank (RCB) Makeni branch SierraLeone.
    The CNC Watch New Africa Women and Children Foundation, formally called (URDO Human Rights Watch) United Rural Development Organisation, formally located at NO: 1, Momoh Street Northern Province Bombaly district Makeni town was well establish with the United Nation Mission in Sierra Leone. FAO and The UNDP and The Government Of Sierra Leone during our carnage periods as an organization, we have served within our capacity as a credible representation for rural youths communities defenders, of which help us identified a national and international suspected violation of the human dignities and personalities, such as human and child trafficking in the district.
    We have served as Rural Youths defenders and Coordinator, that give us a recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture and The Ministry of Youth and Sports official approval of 42, Youths group Agricultural distributors of a million dollars agricultural youth package of a one hundred arecas of rice mechanical cultivation and animal life storks and groundnut for all beneficiaries from the Ministry of Youth and Sports ,by HON: d=Dr, Denis Bright in 2000 and 2008 respectively.
    We also working in close consultation with Action Aid Sierra Leone and ENSIS Sierra Leone, in enhancing government and community working cordialities, as sub contrated project by ENSIS by the director Mr, Marqouwa and beyond as successful stories in our partnership implementation of various projects in Bombali District.
    Advocacy on HIV/AIDS, peace education, disaster risk reduction (DRR), and the community led total sanitation (CLTS) ,funded by plan Salone,and UNICEF and successfully has the regorgniction of fully approved in The Bombali Human Rights committee, and Coalition of Civil Society Sierra Leone funded by GTZ ,lunched in BO, for a better Sierra Leone is still possible. We were legally farmilirizing or legal stators, with the National Forum for Human Rights in 65, Water Low Street Freetown, Sierra Leone..
    According to a report issued by the ministry of education youth and sport branch in Makeni, on education in Makeni Gbanti, Gbanty Kamranka and Sanda Tain Darehen chiefdoms’ and Leibesaygahun Chiefdoms, of Bombali District indicated that, each of these chiefdoms has a population over three thousand indigenous. and out of this number 70-75% of the population of these four chiefdoms served as predominantly illiterate, excepisally for its rural farmers that does not have basic knowledge on their civic rights and some of human trafficking isseues.
    This project if funded and thoroughly implemented will help to enlighten electorates, to make the right choice that will represent their interest, and to also know the various roles and responsibilities of politicians in these wards, communities, and constituencies.
    This project will also help to discourage the idea of high risks on illegal migrations for its young youths rural communities, to save our future leaders lifes of tomorrow, that has the convictions of all is bright and butifull in the west, through the print and electronic media and TV stations of selebities and West life styles.
    The geographical scope of the beneficiaries will include the two chiefdoms and the entire district, as the project will use means of wider coverage to ensure the effective and efficient benefit of all stakeholders to this project. This project is likely to benefit over five thousand direct beneficiaries in the two chiefdoms, and over one million people as indirect beneficiaries within the entire district.
    The project goal is to enhance over twelve chiefdoms sixty well sensitized communities in two chiefdoms, as a way of increasing their knowledge on redused on the desprativities of back way to Europe is the only way forward for rge African child on their social and cooperate responsibilities to be indipency if fully emback on agriculture, by following the foot prints of Adoll Farmer , of USA , a renown agriculturis and World Wide Famers Fedration A usa based cooperate entities, as civic rights and social co-operate responsibilities in governance as citizens of wards and constituencies in Bombali District.

    The specific objectives of this project will be as follows:
    • Enhance the sensitization of thirteen (13) chiefdoms in the district with the participation of over one hundred villages.
    • To increase the knowledge Human Trafficking and child exploitations,
    • To create awareness that will facilitate and maintain good governance in our localities, in catering for lucrative jobs opportunities’ for their youthful dominated populations cut across the country.
    The main activities and detailed work plan of the project is illustrated below:

    Identification of communities MYDO 20/10/2017 20/10/2018
    Purchasing of motor bikes Donor 10/09/17 20/10/2018
    Consultation meeting at community level MYDO 20/09/17 20/10/2018
    Purchase of training materials Donor 10/09/17 10/09/18
    Conduct sensitization workshops at community level MYDO 11/09/17 11/10/17
    Training of trainers Donor / MYDO 11/10/17 11/10/17
    Preparation of jingles Media house
    Donor / MYDO 11/10/17 11/10/17
    Airing of jingles Donor
    Radio and MYDO 11/11/17 11/11/17
    Training of councilors and mps at community level Commt.MYDO
    Donor 11/12/17 11/12/17
    Production of IEC messages Donor
    Commit. MYDO 11/12/17 11/12/17
    Printing of IEC materials Donor / MYDO 15/10/17
    Distribution of IEC materials MYDO 11/10/17
    Organize radio panel discussion Radio, donor
    MYDO, commit. 17/03/18
    Preparation of drama skit Professionals and comedians 20/04/18
    Production and presentation of drama skit Comedians and professionals 26/05/18
    Monitoring Donor
    Commit. MYDO 26/06/18
    Reporting MYDO 11/07/18

    Below is the table of inputs of project from donor, community and implementing partners.
    Institutional support $111,00 $15,000 000
    Purchase of motor bikes
    Production of training manual T&T PRINTING PRESS.
    Fuel for motor bikes 700 GL
    Identification of communities 11/10/17
    Consultation meetings at community level 11/10/17
    Purchase of training materials 11/10/17
    Meals for community sensitization 11/10/17
    Jingles preparation 127/12/17
    Airing jingles 28/12/18
    Printing and production of IEC 11/01/18
    Radio panel discussion 11/10/18
    Drama skit presentation 11/01/18
    Lubrication for bikes 28/01/18
    Transport refund for participant On going
    Incentives for trainers On going
    Provision of venues for training Makeni Town Hall, and all village communities halls.
    Preparation of meals for trainings Community
    Training of trainers Donor / MYDO
    Training of councilors and mps Donor,commt.

    The implementation strategies of this project if funded will include the following:
    • Conduct awareness raising workshops at community level on the role of councilors and mp’s.
    • Production of IEC materials on relevant tropics.
    • Preparing and airing of jingles on good governance issues.
    • Presentation of drama on project objectives.
    • Setting up of election and post election era peace clubs.
    The entire activities of this project if implemented will be monitored by beneficiaries, donors, politicians, and partners to ensure it successful implementation.
    This project if funded and judiciously implemented will be evaluated by all stake holders to this project, as a pilot phase to ensure its continuation into other chiefdoms, wards and constituencies, and if possible nationally.
    The sustainability strategies of this project will be that of the formation of youth peace clubs and friendly youths discussions on illegal youth’s migrations with video clips of few unfortunate illegal migrate in the Medetarean Sea., in the project operational areas, to continue the interpretation of project activities in these areas, after project activities might phase out.
    The project if successfully implemented will create the following impact:
    • Community long term awareness on illegal migration issues.
    • Long term initiatives to choose and to make the right choice on migration.
    • Facilitate the platform for intended migrant, to be discouraged by their pear groups of their intended migration.

    1.1 NAME: The name of the or
    ganization shall BE CNC
    Watch new Africa/Sierra Leone women and
    Children foundation
    1.2 ADDRESS: The contact address shall be new yok
    Azzolini highway Bombali District, Northern Region
    Sierra Leone West Africa
    1.3 MOTTO: The motto of the organization shall be
    Concern for new change
    1.4 LOGO: The logo shall be “joining hands together”


    2.1 To mice community awareness and articulate communities in need
    In a broad developmental form with a view of promoting
    The joint efforts of the people
    2.2 To bring development through agricultural and community
    2.3 To help minimizing the acquired skills training which
    Will help to secure gainful employment.
    2.4 To work in peaceful atmosphere of co-operation and consistence
    With the District Councils, central Government, law enforcement
    Agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders.
    2.5 To promote the social and economic status of women
    And children in the District, so that they can shape and
    Direct their own destinies’ through self development
    2.6 To form an executive body that shall oversee the
    Effective running of the organization.
    2.7 To sensitize on HIV/AIDS, sexual transmitted infections
    Diseases, child birth control measures, prevention of mother
    To child transition (PMTCT) on HIV among child
    Bearing women in the communities and beyond.


    The Organization shall full operate within the thirteen C/dom of Bombali District as well as other areas it is capable to operate.


    4.1 The criteria which one can be a member of this Organization is as follow:
    4.2.1 The membership shall be opened to individuals that shall have an aspiration towards development of the chiefdoms
    4.1.2 Member shall be corrupt free, unbias, honest and dedicatedly towards the development of the organization.
    4.1.3 There shall be non refundable registration free to be determined.
    4.1.4 Possession of membership and identity card as evidence of being a member.
    4.2 The organization shall compose of the executive, ordinary members, Advisory Committee and disciplinary Committee.
    4.3 Membership especially executives shall be drawn from Chiefdoms in the District.


    The following shall be the duties of the executives of the Organization.

    (s) He shall be empowered by this constitution to be the highest executive officer of the Organization.
    5.1.1(s) He shall summoned all meetings both executive and general.
    5.1.2 (s) He shall chair meetings of the organization and delegates responsibilities to the rest or any appointee
    5.1.3 (s) He shall be the last person to give verdict in critical decision making

    5.2.1 Deputies the Director in all functions whom in absinthial and coordinate project activities


    (5) He shall be empowered by constitution
    5.3.1 Takes doom minutes for the organization during meetings
    5.3.2 Serve as a unison officer with other organization and NGO’s
    5.3.3 Shall be the custodian of all document of the organization
    5.3.4 Shall be responsible for writing of letters, memo’s and other relatedwritings of the organization through the directives of the chairperson or by 2/3 majority present at the housed
    5.3.5 Shall maintain the registration of all members.
    5.3.6 Shall receives and send communication on behalf of the Organization in consultation with the chairperson
    5.3.7 Shall prepare agenda of meeting with the chairperson.
    5.3.8 Shall have an assistant

    5.4.1 (S) He shall deputizethe secretary general in absinthial

    5.5.1 (S) He shall be the custodian of all monies of the organization to be deposited in to organization Bank Account within 24 hours during the week end or days and submit related documents to the financial secretary for the interest of the organization
    5.5.2 (s) He shall have an in imprested of five hundred thousand Leones (Le 500,000) only in his or her custody.
    5.6.2 Prepare quarterly financial stamens re[port to be distributed among members of the organization.
    5.6.3 Prepare account statement to be satisfied by the auditor.
    5.6.4 (s) He shall be the third signatory to the Organization Bank Account.

    (S) He shall be empowered by the Constituency.
    5.7.1 Sensitize both communities and outsiders about the aims and objectives of the organization.
    5.7.2 (s) He shall be moderate with noble character of speech to members and the public
    5.7.3 Co-operate the link between the organization’s work/activities and the Community
    5.7.4 Shall serve as spokesman on behalf of the Organization during external events.

    Shall be empowered by this Constitution.
    5.8.1 (s) He shall design programmes / activities that can promote the organization to enhance its ability to achieves its aims and objectives
    5.8.2 Submit proposals programmes of activities to the secretary general for the approval of the executives.
    5.8.3 He shall coordinate / organized and implement all social activities in consultation with the organization.

    5.9 WHIP
    Shall be empowered by the constitution
    5.9.1 (s) He shall ensure that the code of conduct of the organization is obeyed and respected by all registered members.
    5.9.2(s) He shall levied fines wherever the case may be as agreed by 2/3 majority present during meetings
    5.9.3(s) He shall be responsible to affect decorum during all meetings
    5.9.4 Be the head of the disciplinary committee
    5.10 AUDITORS
    5.10.1 There shall be a chief auditor and two auditors to be appointed by the General membership.
    5.10.2 They shall examine the financial records from the Financial Secretary, Treasure Bank and other related document of the organization when required by executive or at least 3/3 majority present in a General meeting
    5.11.1The shall advice on all matters for the smooth running of the organization.
    5.11.2 The chief adviser shall be the head of the advisory committee
    All funds of the organization shall be derived for the following
    6.1.1 Registration fees of twenty thousand Leone (Le 20, 000).
    6.1.2 Voluntary Contributions from registered member’s donors
    And other individuals
    6.1.3 Monthly subscription of fifty thousand Leones (Le 50, 000).
    6.1.4 Donation from voluntary organization.
    6.1.5 Funds from UNDP, District Council, Central Government NGO’s funding agencies through project writings
    6.1.6 Gifts, fines Sales of products, ID cards and Constitution.
    For the smooth running of the organization, transparency and accountability must private in all financial transactions.
    6.2.1 Financial management trainings shall be conducted is those dealing with finances.
    6.2.2 All Bank transactions expenditure and outstanding funds shall be made known to the members of the organization.
    6.2.4 There shall be A Bank account opened in the name of the organization at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Makeni Branch were all moirés whose sources are defined in article (6) sub section 1.6 shall be deposited.
    6.2.6 There shall be three signatories to the Bank Account
    (1) Director / Chairman
    (2) Project Coordinator
    (3) Financial Secretary
    6.2.6 All funds drawn from the organization account must be properly utilized for the intended purpose(s)
    NOTE: In the case of withdrawing money from the organization Bank Account two (2) of the three (3) signatories are eligible to sign and with draw for the intended purpose(s)
    7. TYPES: There shall be two types of meetings, executive and General meetings.
    7.2 PROCEDURES: Members of the organization shall be noticed for meetings using the shortest possible means of Communication.
    7.3 RULES:
    7.3.1 Meetings shall duly Constitute within 2/3 majority.
    7.3.2 Members shall talk through the chair by putting up a finger or hand to notify the chair and must wait for permissions of the chair before speaking.
    7.3.3 Failure to comply with the line 7, 3, 2, a fine (Le 5,000 will be levied against the defaulter and must pay on the sport.
    Executive members shall meet twice a month. This is with the exception of emergency meetings which can be summoned when the need arises
    7.4.1 There shall be an attendance book signed at all meetings and failure to attend two Consecutive meetings, (both executive and general) without reasonable reasons (shall be fined or suspended).
    7.4.2 Once a vote has taken on any mention and the result declared the chair shall permit no further discussions on that motion unless (s) deems it necessary.
    8.1 Tenure of office: All elected executives shall be elected for a period of three years and two tenure Constituency.

    NOTE: Members in dept with the organization’s properly or funds that fails to pay handover before the time of elections automatically disqualified him/her self from voting of the voted for. A legal court action shall be taken for failure to pay returned the said property(ies)


    Before the voting of three people who are corrupt free shall be elected by 2/3 majority members to conduct the electoral process and one shall be the Chief Electoral Commissioner, the other Secretary and the other as a member. A member nominated for one position and fails can also be nominated for another office / position. Registered members are required to cast a single vote for any position or office. Being called upon the electoral body.

    8.3 REMOVAL FROM OFFICE: Members can be removed from office based on the following criteria:
    8.3.1 Inefficiency and negligence of duty can removed any office after warning letter and two quirks only. The chairperson has no right to dismiss any officer from office without the approved of the advisory board.
    8.3.2 There shall be an independent investigation body instituted to probe nits the case any officer alleged to be corrupt or carrying out corrupt practices in his /her office to look into allegation if found quality of the offence, the individual will be served a demission letter from office with immediate effect without any notice given. The vice or any other appointee if there is no vice shall take up the office as acting until the office if declared vacant and proper elections can take place.

    A motion can moved by any member for that end of the transition and call for elections for that position at the approval of 2/3 majority, the office / position can be debarred vacant and elections be conducted for that office / position.
    8.3.2after two and half years or after ( two years six month before the end of the three years tenure there shall be elections to get now officers into office. There after the incoming and out coming officers shall work alongside. This shall be orientation period for the incoming officer. At the end if the last month of the three years tenure the outgoing shall then handover fully to the incoming that will then take up the new office.


    Amendment of this Constitution can be done in Observation of the following Rules and Procedures.
    9.1.1 When a member (s) of the organization deemed it necessary for the amendment of any articles, lives, clauses or phrases of this Constitution (s) he or they can do so when an explanatory written circular bearing his/her or their names and signatures to at least ¾ majority, quoting the articles, lives, clauses or phrases for members to study it carefully before a general meeting. At the general meeting a motion shall be made for the amendment of that part of the Constitution. There shall also be another member to second that motion ¾ majority support from the members of the organization is enough for that amendment
    9.1.2 Signatures to the ratification of the Constitution shall be notified and present in amendment proceedings

    10.2.1 Constitution
    10.2.2 Register of members file
    10.2.3 Affordance register file
    10.2.4 Minute book
    10.2.5 Cash book
    10.2.6 Receipt book
    10.2.7 Official stamp (Letter-head)
    10.2.8 Way book
    10.2.9 Office files.

    NAME: Alimamy Kamara- Position Dir/ c/man Sig:………………………….
    NAME: Abdulai O. Conteh – Position


    10.1 RATIFICATION PROCEDURES: Constitution ratification Committee meetings shall be summonedwith a cross section representation from the chiefdoms, this shall include paramount chiefs, section chiefs, councilors, sub chiefs, men, women, youth, children and other community stake holders. In the meeting, the rough draft of the Constitution shall be presented and readout Articles by Articles clause by clause, line by time with explanation and interpretations in the local languages, Themne, Loko, Limba and Krio, Constitution can be made in various ways and individual but together, finally the draft shall be ratified adopted as the binding document of Organization.


    TO contribute to socio economic development of the country Sierra Leone through:

     Civic education
     Development of health and sanitation projects
     Development of Agricultural Projects
     Establishment of Educational Institutions examples
    Skills promotion centre’s at community level
    Establishment of micro credit network and cooperative societies.
    2. GOALS
     To build the capacity of Rural Communities
     To promote Civic rights and responsibilities
     To create employment facilities
     To raise the financial levels of the people
     To promote coping skills training activities

    3. OBJECTIVES: This shall cover socio-economic, health, educational and donor policy objectives.
     To collaborate with the line ministries, other NGO’s Donor Agencies and CBO’s in the implementation of projects
     Conduct periodic needs assessment savages in other to sensitize a address psycho, socio-economic well being of the people.


    a Baja motor bikes Bike 3 10,000,00 30,000,000
    b Fuel for motor bikes Littre 360 litres x 4. Moths x 2 c/doms 1,620,000

    c Lubricant for motor bikes Lttters 150 lts x4. Moths, x 2 c/ doms 00,13,500

    d Computer (dell) Computer 2 4,500 9,000,000
    e 4kva generator Generator 1 3,500 3,500,000
    Sub Total 45,945,000
    a Flip chart Flip chart 24×2 c/Doms x 4 moths. 35,000

    b Markers Pkts 24 pkt. X 4 moths. X 2 c/doms 17,000

    c notepads Cartons 5 cartoon x 4 moths x2 c/doms 100,000

    d Pens Pkts 6pkts, x 4 moths x 2 c/ doms 25,000

    e A4 papers Pkts 12pkts, x 4mths x 2 c/Dom\’s 20,000

    Sub Total 2,138,000
    a Lunch
    500 people x3days x2 c/Dom\’s moths 150,000

    b Breakfast Person 500 people x3 days x2 c/doms x4 moths 100,000

    c Dinner Person
    500 people x3 days x2 c/doms x4 moths 50,000

    Sub Total 15,000,000
    a Preparation of jingles and recording / production Slot / one CD plate
    1-cd plate x
    13 c/Dom\’s x 4 moths 300,000

    b Airing of jingle Slot 28 slot x 4 moths 150,000

    Sub Total 4,500,000
    5 Information education & communication material (IEC)
    a Printing of IEC materials Poster 500 poster x
    2 c/doms 10,000 500,000
    b Distribution of IEC in commt. Trip 3trips x 2 c/doms 150,000 450,000
    Sub Total 950,000
    a From community Person 500 people x3 days x 2 c/doms 30,000 1500,000
    b Back to community Person 500 x3 days x 2 c/doms 30,000 1500,000
    c Night allowance for participants Paerson 500 x 3 nights
    X 2 c/doms 60,000 3,000,000
    Sub Total 6,000,000
    a Facilitators process /presentation Person 2 facilitators
    X 2 c/doms 500,000 2,000,000
    b Night allowance for participants Person 2 facilitators
    X 2 c/doms 250,000 500,000
    Sub Total 2,500,000
    a Presentation of programmers and airing Discussion
    One slot 2 discussions per months x 4 months 300,000 1.200,000
    Sub Total 1.200.000
    a Preparation of drama & production Play 1 player per c/dom x 2 c/doms 300,000 600,000
    b Hiring of vehicle to transport drama presenters Trip 4 trips in 2 c/doms 250,000 1.000,000
    c Incentives for presenters Person 5 presenters 1.750,000 1.750,000
    Sub Total 2,750,000
    a Break fast Person 3 person x 3 days 60,000 1.800,000
    b Lunch Person 3 person x 3 days 60,000 1.800,000
    c Dinner Person 3 x 3 days 75,000 225,000
    d T/P refund internal Person 3 x people 20,000 60,000
    Sub Total 3.885,000
    a Breakfast Person 10 from (3 days) 2 c/doms 30,000 900,000
    b Lunch Person 10 x 3 days
    (c/doms) 90,000 900,000
    c Dinner Person 10 x 3 days 75,000 750,000
    d T/p refund internal Person 10 50,000 500,000
    e Rent age of hall for training Day 3 days 250,000 750,000
    Sub Total 3.700,000
    12 Salaries
    a January Staff 6 750,000 4.500,000
    b February Staff 6 750,000 4.500,000
    c March Staff 6 750,000 4.500,000
    d April Staff 4 750,000 3.000,000
    Sub Total 16,500,000
    Grand Total


    077-644695 LOGISTIC OFFICER

    088-733789 SECREATARY

    077-490058 CHILD PROTECTION

    099-382003 GENDER OFFICER

    099-826102 YOUTH OFFICER

    078-252533 YOUTH

    079-074541 YOUTH

    079-681307 YOUTH


    Faithfully Submitted
    Mr, Alimamy Kamara.………………………………

  52. I am really interested in the company scholarship program.I am a student of the Indiana State University in the United States of America. I will be grateful if I am place on the said scholarship. I am from the republic of Liberia, West Africa.

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    I completed my bachelor\\’s in 2012 in the field of veterinary medicine. I am working with veterinary drug and animal feed administration and control authority since 3 years. And i have my transcript with the minimum percentage of all semesters only 66.6%. And still i do not have any English proficiency proof as well. Can you please let me know if i am eligible for applying to these scholarships.

    Best Regards

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    I have no money to support my study in order to be capable enough to give my contribution for the development of my country in Education Field.

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    Are there bursaries she can apply to?

    Kind regards

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    Alfred Gidaga student No H00031960

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    I be been accepted to study the Same course at Degree level at Mulungushi University. your sponsorship will be highly appreciated

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    Also to appreciate the update

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    Merylene Sekao

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    I want to Enroll to study In College/ University to study in Medicine to be a professional Nurse.

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    Hail from Papua New Guinea. A secondary school trained teacher.

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    I\’m glad to request anyone who can help me scholarship to persuade the studies on line.
    I trust in Jesus Christ
    Your faithfully
    Ramson Migozi.

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  132. I\’m seeking for PhD scholarship in the field of Education, I completed my master degree in 2015 in the same field at one of Tanzanian university.

  133. Thanks for this scholarship update. Am a journalist by training and practice in Sierra Leone, West Africa, with advance diploma in human resources development , diploma in journalism and diploma in Legal Studies with the passion for undergraduate Law Degree. I want to know if am eligible for scholarship?

  134. Am really interested at the scholarship and this will be a great opportunity and a break through to my life…
    At least I will be able to finish my studies and help my family from the poverty we in…
    can\’t wait to be chosen and through Gods help I know I will be chosen.

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    I have completed my MED

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  139. I have been looking for so long for sponsorship, I very happy to get this information via my email address, am interested for traditional studies,hope to be opportunity to me,thank you in advance.

  140. I real appreciate for your encouragement,,,,,,,How will i be helped for me because i want to finish my diploma course first before i joined degree

  141. I welcome the assistance. I am looking up to be sponsored to study Masters of Science in Human Resource Management under online basis. I have an Honours Degree in Human Resource Management but I am failing to peruse my education because I cannot pay fees for the masters.

    Any assistance in terms of fees will be greatly appreciated.

  142. I have BA degree in Development Management and L.L.B degree in law. I am now working as assistant lecturer in Ethiopian Civil Service University . I would like to pursue may postgraduate program. At this time a have got a chance to upgrade my education in International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam MA in development studies. To do this I need financial sponsor to attend the program in Netherlands. Please,I big you to sponsor me and if necessary I will provide the required evidences.

  143. i was accepted llm unternational human rightlaw distance at demontuniversity and on walden university on line i am on process are pay to me know

  144. I completed my matric 2014 so I would love to enroll for 2017/2018academic year .I want to be given a chance to be sponsored and complete degree in tourism

  145. This will be my first time to apply.
    I like this scholarship program and am would very much appreciate a positive results.
    Thank you

  146. Thank you , for making me aware while, I was hopeless and really looking forward for this opportunity. I am looking for bursary to be honest with you

  147. I need financial assistance. I am currently studying Accounting and Financial Computing at Rosebank College, Johannesburg and I am doing my first year.
    I would really appreciate it if you funded me.
    Kind Regards

  148. I am in financial need and think that, that scholarship might come in handy. Please forward me application forms on my mail.

  149. Thanks I am looking forward to get that scholatship thanks for keeping me updated I would like to be part of u people
    I have completed my degree on criminology and security studies last year

  150. I prefer Course Hero Monthly scholarship to others but the date have already expire, but how can I get the current one.And also how can I apply for it. Thanks.

  151. Hi David,

    I intend to do an online Integrative Medical study through Quantum University , the fees are exorbitant
    I am 60+ very healthy with abundance of life and energy with a biological age of 30 will I be considered for a bursary.
    Note the application of bursary closes 31 January, 2016 as stated above

    Will appreciate an answer

    Renu Hiralall

  152. I am enrolled at a public university in Malawi but I am failing to pay for my tuition fees. Please help me to continue with my education by sponsoring me in the University.

  153. hello to everyone viewing this am 18yrs old completed my o.level but i dont have funds to push me forward so as to succed in my life although i have the desire to study so if there is anyone who can help i will be greatfull to take that chance and i promise you that i will not let you down because i rilly love education

  154. I would like to get a scholarship to persue a bachelor\’s degree in agriculture
    Hope to here from you soon

    Regards Daniel

  155. I want to be enrolled for 2017/2018 academic year on a program agribusiness on a traditional way on scholarship

  156. i need to i apply for scholarship in Spain please forward me the details on how to apply, with my Diploma In Business Administration is it acceptable?

  157. I\’m much interested in the scholarship. I need it as prerequisite to develop myself and my society at large. I\’m looking forward for that.

  158. Thank you for making me aware of this scholarship and I would like to be funded I\’m studying welding at Flavius Mareka TVET college Sasolburg campus

  159. thanks for your usual support and updating us,

    I completed my bachelor\’s in 2011 in the field of ICT. I am working with one telecom operator since 8 years. And i have my transcript with the minimum percentage of all semesters only 66.6%. And still i do not have any English proficiency proof as well. Can you please let me know if i am eligible for applying to these scholarships.

    Best Regards

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