What Are the Popular Online Degree Programs?

Attending full time college is not an option for most working professionals. Online degree programs enable them to work as they complete their education. Online colleges offer students the flexibility to complete their education by opting for online degree of their choice even as they continue their jobs.

Online degree programs have become a popular choice for working professionals looking to complete their education and reach their professional goals. They no longer have to choose between work and education.

Most individuals pursue an online degree for advancement in their careers and to make themselves more valuable to the organization they work for by learning new skills. Employers often choose to hire people with specialized skills so that they may be able to handle job changes better in the future.

Popular Online Degree Programs

Medical Assistant

The medical assistant is an important position in the health care industry, as these professionals provide both clinical assistance and administrative services to hospitals and clinics.

Many reputed online colleges offer online degree in medical assistant programs. The online program enables the students to complete the certification within a few months. Internship at hospitals or clinics may be required so that the students acquire training and experience in all clinical aspects of the course.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing has become a popular choice of students and working professionals looking to build a career in multimedia and web development. Online colleges offer individuals the opportunity to pursue different graphic design degree options with varied specializations.


Online universities offer associate and bachelor degree programs in accounting. The curriculum equips students with knowledge of book keeping, financial planning, payroll and other accounting related subjects. Scholarship programs are available to students pursuing these degree programs.


Online programs for marketing are generally available at the bachelor and master degree level. The curriculum for these courses includes marketing, product management, advertising, statistics, sales techniques, promotion, research and other business related areas.

The students and working professionals may be able to acquire specialized knowledge and skills when they opt for the many different online programs and courses that are offered by colleges and universities.

Many scholarship programs are offered to students by colleges and universities pursuing the many different online programs that are available. The eligibility criteria for getting the scholarships may vary from one college to the other.

Students that meet the eligibility criteria that have been specified may be able to get the scholarship for the online programs and courses.

  1. I\’m Josefina, u want to proceed my first year College taking junior secretarial course, now im interested to study accounting… I hope I can avail on this scholarship program, I am a widow and I work as a contractual worker in the local government unit.. Thanks

  2. my name is Rebecca Appiah from Ghana i have completed literacy in computer and have little idea in graphic designing i want to further in graphic designing with your schoolarship. i would be much grateful if am considered, thanks.

  3. My name is Chibuike Nwaokonkwo I graduated from secondary school this year about to enter the University.i will like to get a scholarship for online degree course. My ambition is to become a radiologist. I will be grateful if my wish is granted.

  4. I have been applied for free scholarship ,i am from ethiopia ,i have BSC in to mechanical engineering .Help me to find MSC scholarship in education .

  5. My names are Ling\’umbwa Namangolwa from Zambia and am so happy for this programme am ready to persue Medical assistant at your school?

  6. Thanks for this great opportunity
    My name is khadiija mahamoud i come from somalia i have BPH i want MEPH plz help me for scholarship

  7. I have been applied for free scholarship but have not even got one. I kindly requesting the organization to consider my application. I have done diploma in networking and web designing development and I want to proceed by doing degree in Graphic Design online.

    Please may you give me way forward on this my application. Thank you
    Eric Omondi Ngoje

  8. Am eliza from etheopia I really want to get the chanse i want to up grade my nursng diploma to digree i have been working for five years in difernt hospitalse pls i need your help!!

  9. I am a dermatologist working in Pakistan.
    Are there any online courses regarding cosmetic dermatology I can enroll in?

  10. you people !!!! Do you really pick thev scholarship seekers!!!!!! People are fade up of requesting scholarships and you don\’t you guide them how to apply why? PLEASE DO NOT JUST DISPLAY!!!!

  11. Where do I get the application form? Because am interested. Am James Kaine. From Liberia. A college student but I drop due to finance.

  12. My name Muhammad Tahir from Pakistan. I have bachelor degree B.com with 3.05 CGPA out of 4. I want continue Master degree with Marking.!

  13. My name is Belay Bekele. I live in Ethiopia.I have masters degree in mathematics with GPA 3.37 out of 4. I want to continue PhD in optimization. I have also Bachelor degree in Accounting with GPA 3.95 out of 4. I want to continue masters degree in Accounting.

  14. Hi I\’m Somali student just have finished high school and I would like to study industrial engineering which was my hobby since childhood I need your support

  15. my name is belay defaru i am from ethiopia
    i have fainacial problem i am Radigraphy or x ray techician
    i want to learn BSc medical radiology technology
    so i am very happy for this degree program
    please helpe me
    my phon= +251916363057
    email =defaru2011@gmail.com
    thanks for all.

  16. hello I\’m doing IT information at IQ academy I would like to help me with scholarship.. please hope my request will get true you thanks

  17. Hi!i\’m diploma holder in nursing,please kindly offer me a scholarship Bachelor of Science in Nursing to pursue my course,much hear from you.

  18. Hello.i am a B.A holder from university of ndjamena(chad)in english studies,now i want to pursue my studies in marketing but i have not money and my families are poor.Now i am looking for full scholarship so i will be very happy if you help me

  19. I am from Ghana and lwish to read PhD in accounting and finance or DBA .l am serious financial constraints and need your help very very serious

  20. good day sir/madam.
    place how do I applied for public administration,online degree course ( undergraduate course) and what is the duration of time for the courses. and how is the payment don.


  22. I like your programs and I will like to be a beneficiary, I really need to go to school,but am still lacking financial assistant.

  23. It is a good idea to venture in to this online degrees because they help you advance in the knowledge and skills you have to a better level of education.This helps you improve your working techniques hence efficiency and effectiveness in work.
    I encourage my fellow people to try to join and advance their skills and knowledge through online study of this degrees.
    I also request for support from scholarships please.

    Thanks for putting this across for people to improve there education. Continue helping people advance their education skills.As for me l need to improve my accounting skills abroad with the help of scholarship. I request for this help because l have interest in accounting.

  24. hello i am Sanogo from Ivory Coast I have got the degree of BA in English and i would like to study business administration in your university.Please help me i don\’t have the financial means to persue my dream of Business Administrator..Beg you.Thanks.

  25. J\’aimerai faire les études sur les traitement des eaux potables. Actuellement suis un agent de qualité dans une station de traitement d\’eau potable. J\’ai mon diplôme d\’ingénieur chimiste en technologie inorganique.

  26. I have an N.C.E and a degree in education.i want to apply for my masters here online. But my dream course is not listed. I wish to study guidance and counseling

  27. Am from south Sudan i do like to study my undergraduate in international marketing and sales from one your university your help is count thanks please am helpless i rreally need your help

  28. My name is alhamdulillah I want to study Mesical(MBBS)in online degree because I have some financial problems so please admit me in u r university I will be respectful of u fear

  29. Hello Am Princess. 22years of age, am a Ghanaian. Some of the online popular
    degree people offer online is as follows : Medical Assistant ,Graphic designer. Marketing and Accounting .

  30. yes . l want to study any business field masters
    program if you gave chance. l have BA degree in banking & finance. l choose accounting.

  31. hi,I am haile,I am from Ethiopia.I would completed my BSC by mechanical engineering.know I will like to study biomedical.if it is possible please contact me.thank for every thing.

  32. I am an English teacher . I live in Saudi Arabia. I am sudanese. I have been teaching English since 2001.

  33. Hi, I am a lady who is very found of your online program which I haven\’t done but willing to do my best when doing a program on Graphic design and Marketing, given an opportunity to do that I know I will make it

  34. Hello, I\’m Brenda Giddings from Liberia. l haven\’t don\’t any online program. l have been searching…l appreciate this program for all the informations. Thanks

  35. Hellooo ,Am Princess Opoku.I haven\’t started any online program yet but am hoping I get fund from any scholarship scheme I have applied for .I believe in my self esteem that \

  36. Hello, I have started a distance degree program in marketing management with Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, but as I speak the program has being put on hold because I have some arrears of money to pay, of which am still struggling to get that money. I will be very happy, if you can offer me an assistant, so I can complete this program.

  37. Hello! Am Yong Rostand from Cameroon, Am in final year Microbiology and Parasitology and I wish have a scholarship to further my studies on this program in Canada.

  38. Hey I\’m Nada Juma from Sudan , I\’m searching for schoalarships in UK as I complete bachelor honor degree in Physiotherapy befor 4 months ago and now I want to turn to medicine I need your help to find schoalarships in UK to study medicine their
    Thanks in advance

  39. Thanks so muchmuch for your concern I\’m very much interested to study decree in accounting and marketing pls I don\’t have funds help me

  40. Hi I have completed my diploma in Business And Infomation Tehnology and would like to
    persue my degree in the same field

  41. Hello! my name is Tolasa Tafa from Ethiopia,I have MA degree in Public Management and Policy analysis specialized in Development Management and I want to study PhD degree in abroad in one of the following field public administration,or Public policy or Development Management,or Development study.
    Thank you!!!

  42. Please I would like to continue with my degree programme in electrical engineering but funds have become a challenge to me what can I do?

  43. Hi, i have completed my undergraduate degree in Accounting (B.Sc) in Nigeria and would like to pursue my Masters Degree in OIL and Gas Accounting. Please help me find a suitable University and scholarship. Thank you.

  44. Thank you for this program with good prospect, I am Sylvanus kian K a holder of Bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of buea,Cameroun. please help me with more information on how to get a scholarship for Master\’s degree in Accounting.

  45. Thank you for this information. I am grateful. Please if I can have more access to more information and how can I apply for this scholarship to do my degree online. I wanted to do degree in Accounting and to get CPA later when I finish my degree. Please I need your advises.

  46. I am a service holder. I want to be a Graphic Designer. How I can admit to online degree programs. Please help me with more information concerning this course and how one can benefit from the online scholarship.

  47. hello everyone.how are you doing? i\’m from Cameroon and i\’m so interested in this bursary to enroll in a software engineering school.i\’ve always had this dream of writing codes for computer programs and deseign gaming graphics and also develop new and faster 4G and 5G browsers.Guys i really count on you to help fufill this dream.Thanks..

  48. I m belonG to a remote area of pakistan which is called tribal area.. and such a crucial circumstances i hv done O@A level and as well get Good marks in SAT to Get scholarship to continue my study.. plz any one who help me abd Grant me a scholarship..

  49. Thanks for sending the email but I can\’t attend the online course because of many reasons not good administration and not enough salary if you give me chance I attend offline course!!!!! thanks GOD bless you and your family!!!!!

  50. Please I would like to continue with my degree programme in electrical engineering but funds have become a challenge to me what can I do?

  51. I am a graduate with a bachelor in business management-purchasing and supplies. I would like a grant to further my studies kindly assist.
    Thank you

  52. I would like to learn from advertising, promotion, research and other business related areas at master degree level.Please help me how to get it!!! Thank you!!!!!

  53. Wow,Thank alot for this opportunity, I would like a grant to continue with my accounting programme. I would like study ACCA / CPA or a degree in Accounting and Finance. Please take me through the application procedure.

  54. I wish to study any community health online course particularly in health promotion or healthcare financing. I already have the following university degrees. Master of science in community health, Bsc in community health, higher diploma in medical laboratory technology (microbiology, epidemiology & immunology), diploma in medical laboratory technology.
    I am a licensed medical laboratory technologist and a part-time tutor in community health

  55. i would like to take medical assistant on line, how much does it cost and how long, and how will i get the certificate

  56. I want to further my studies in teaching .please help me reach my career goal I need assistants financially. How can I apply for degree scholar ship or bursaries.


  58. Hi am Jumanne a have alredy finished my advanced education in PCB combinations so i wish to study degree in Medical assistant but I don\’t have money to proceed so I need your support and I promise that I will be in a good respective for what am doing, and I wish God bless you for your job.

  59. thank you guys for the information.I just complete my advance pls can you help me with funding please

  60. Halo my name is sheila I\’m looking for a fund to study I really need help . Please grant me this favor please

  61. I really appreciate you for this opportunities giving to us all, am a computer engineer and i will like to further more on it, how can i benefit from that grant
    Best Regard.

  62. i would love to enrol for an online degree in accounting but i can\’t afford the tuition..any help would be welcme.thanks

  63. I am student that cannot afford to pay fees for my course.. I would appe it if I would get a busary…I\’m living with the grant my parents are not working…if i would be lucky getting this busary I promise i would work hard doing all my best get the highest marks

  64. I got Bachelor in Botany, and now want to get higher education. please provide me different scholarships about M.Phil Botany .

  65. I wish to enrol for civil engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya, kindly assist me to get a scholarship.
    Many thanks

  66. Am a Zambian high school graduate of 2013 And Am kindly asking for sponsorship to pursue my undergraduate level of education My dream is to become an engeneer in environmental water engeneering your positive response will be highly appreciated.

  67. I would like to be assisted in financial resources for me to start my first year course in maketing at unisa

  68. want a grant or funding to further my studies on undergraduate o engineering science .so please help me with the funds application form.

  69. Am second year student studying bachelor of science with education chemistry and biology I would like to specialize in biological studies after finishing my first degree please help me for scholarship after finishing my bachelor degree next year.

  70. Looking forward for grant or scholarship funding program to support my education in any circumstances.
    thank you.

  71. Thanks for this great opportunity.
    I am a biologist. I want to specialize in microbiology or parasitological. That has to do with culture and sensitivity. Please help me with more information concerning this course and how one can benefit from the online

  72. OK I get it now, but how can I apply and what are the termes and conditions for this scholarship?
    What about the deadline?

    Thanks for giving this opportunity.

  73. I need further education at ur university the online have great problem her because the connection I use it difficult to load if u have vaccany plse help me

  74. Hi team,
    Thanks for the great job you are doing to avail the world with sturdy opportunities. Am a Ugandan by Nationality and would like to further my studies with a bachelor\’s Degree from home country, where can I apply for a grant?

  75. Hello,this is Nadia from Bangladesh.I am a graduate in Statistics from a very well known university, Jagannath university. Now i m completeing M.Sc. in Statistics. I like Japan so much. so I want to complete my further study in Japan & build up my career there. I will be honoured if I get scholarship for my study. I will be very gratefull if I get this opportunity

  76. I am G. Emmanuel Saturday, a Liberian. I have completed my Masters at Atlantic International University; the School of Human and Social Studies with 3.97 GPA in Criminal Justice and concentration in criminal investigation.

    I still have a balance of 5,500 United States Dollars to complete My tuition payment, excluding graduation and other fees. Kindly help me get a donor funding/grant in order to have my degree and help improve my personal life, my country and the world at large.

  77. I thank for this great opportunity
    I’m a accounting student and I need a scholarship from your to continue my joining in my education…

  78. Hello
    I Request for your free university broucher and a scholarship application forms.
    Thank you
    Moses Sedrick Orinop

  79. I wish to have a funding to further my studies on Journalism n Media Studies. Please provide me with fund application form Thank you inadvance

  80. hey there,
    can you please help me to get to my dream.
    ever since I started my high school,i found that education is the key for the future.
    but my pain is that I was not able to go to university and I really want it like so bad,
    can you please help me to get through,,my dream is to go study abroad from my country(Rwanda)
    I hope my request is under your consideration
    best regards,

  81. I am Sylvia, currently doing Office Administration Level 4 at Orbit Tvet, and willing to study teaching next year 2018, I have obtained my matric by 2012. I am asking do the Varsity can give me credit and help me with fees.

  82. I wish to be given the opportunity to do mymy under graduate degree program while living in your country so as to better assimilate the material

  83. I looking for financial help at university out of the country of Zimbabwe to Easter countries l want to study bachelor inn education

  84. Thanks a lot for helping the world in Education however i would like to ask to help me find a scholarship of Piloting i will be grateful to have it

  85. Dear all,
    I wont to learn in you’re institution in the field of business as soon as possible with out any payment

    Kind Regards

  86. please help me with scholarship in telecommunication engineering. and l want to study in outside country. thanks all of you.

  87. Please kindly offer me a scholarship to pursue medical assistant course.hoping to hear from u soon. #cell +233 554439620. Email: appiahisaac614 @gmail.com

  88. I Have a Master degree in economics from university of peshawar KPK Pakistan. i am pakistani Nationality holder. I want to continue my qualification in same subject to Phd level. Please Help me to continue my qualification to Phd level. i like to improve my qualification.

    from Asad Ali
    Cell # 00923339530310

  89. I’Have an advanced diploma in agriculture Education and Extention FROM NATURAL RESSOURCE DEVELOPMENT COLLEGE /NRDC\LUSAKA ZAMBIA,please I would like to further my degree in the same field of Agriculture EDUCATION WITH EXTENTION,PLESAE HELP ME.

  90. I need a free bursary to enable me complete my Diploma in Electrical Engineering in Kenya at Sigalagala National Polytechnic.

  91. Kindly please, am atotal orphan. I kindly request for ascholarship to further my course in Analytical chemistry. Am from Kenya. This wil assist me to educate the other brothers & sisters who are stranded education wise. Kindly get for me auniversty of that course .Thanks

  92. please I want a free scholarship to further my course(bsc physical education)to help those living in a sedentary lifestyle to involve themselves into physical activity which would help to improve upon their health and also prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  93. Thanks for this great opportunity, I want a grant or funding to further my studies on cancelling psychology please help me with the funds application form I will forever be great full. GOD bless

  94. Iam a first year student at a government run Nursing college and would like to complete my diploma in nursing. I would like a grant to complete my studies.

  95. I have an offer to study Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management at the University of Cape Town. This is an equivalent to a four year degree but its done in one year and online. I therefore would kindly like to request scholarship funding regarding this online degree, please. Any assistance would be appreciated…!


  96. I want a grant or funding to further my studies on records management. So please help me with the funds application form

  97. I am humbly waiting for your help form yours i need to be medical assistant because many people in our country need my help also

  98. I have completed a masters degree in financial economics & would like to persue a phD in the same .Please help me find a universty in developed countries and a scholarship to begin in 2017.
    Thank you.

  99. Thanks for this great opportunity.
    I am a laboratory assistance technician. I want to specialize in microbiology. That have to do with culture and sensitivity. please help me with more information concerning this course and how one can benefit from the online

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