Degrees at Arizona State University

The possibility of obtaining an online degree in the domain you are interested in has increased as many online universities offer more and more programs to international students who can follow the courses from wherever they are. An online degree comes with even more advantages than one obtained from on-campus courses as you do not have to fit into a certain timetable in order to get the information you need. You can start the courses whenever you want and you can also explore the subjects in real depth as you are provided with all the materials you need to expand your knowledge.

Obtaining an online degree means you receive the same amount of accreditation for your efforts as there is no difference made between this kind of education and the one you receive on campus. Also, online universities make it easier for you to have the college experience anyone can dream of due to the distance learning platforms that get you in touch with faculty members, as well as your peers and colleagues with whom you can interact and receive feedback from. There are also a great amount of scholarships for college dedicated to those who wish to obtain an online degree and not necessarily follow on-campus courses. The scholarships for college help you pay for the tuition fee of the university you wish to follow and some of them even stretch out to cover the costs of the materials you need. Amongst the scholarships for college which grant this possibility is the Global study Awards which offers up to £10.000 to the winning candidates.

Arizona State University is one of the best examples of online universities as it currently offers more than 100 fully online programs that can get you an online degree. During the 2015-16 academic year, ASU had nearly 52,000 students, being ranked by total enrollment the sixth largest university in the U.S. It also took the first place in the ‘Most Innovative National Universities’ 2016 ranking that was published by U.S. News and World Report.

Undergraduate online students are offered a wide range of 63 different online degrees they can choose from. There are 26 B.S. degrees which include programs like communication, business data analytics, family & human development and graphic information technology. There are also 28 B.A. amongst which courses like these are offered: film & media studies, community advocacy and social policy, global leadership and retail management.

The university also has programs for graduate students as a total of 47 online master’s degrees are available in fields such as engineering, education, as well as programs in cutting-edge domains like biomimicry, sustainable tourism and health innovation. One of the most interesting programs this university offers is ‘Global Freshmen Academy’, a partnership with EdX which gives the possibility to incoming freshmen to follow any course without having to apply for enrollment and at the end they will only have to pay for the courses that they completed with a passing grade.

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