Ways to Get Grants for School

The expense of an online university and traditional colleges are consistently increasing. The average cost of a 4-year public college rose over 15 percent since 2008. According to studies, just a single year in a public university will consume 27 percent of the yearly middle-class income within America. Considering how pricey it is becoming to go to college, it isn’t any wonder that $150 billion in financial aid is given to college students in the U.S. each year. Therefore, you are about to attend college, or maybe you already are in college. How is it possible to get your hands upon these funds?

Where should you Go First?

To assist in getting you on the right path, you first should speak to your university’s financial aid office or high school counselor. Arrange an appointment and they’ll assist you in finding the funds needed to pursue an online education.

In addition, be certain that you file a FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It’ll allow you to obtain any grants or federal loans to receive an online education which you might be qualified for.

Free Funds

Free funds for online degree programs are funds you obtain that you will not have to repay, opposed to a loan. Usually, these free funds for online degree programs are available in the form of either a grant, fellowship, or scholarship.

Fellowships and scholarships

More than one million scholarships are given out every year to those attending an online university. Just make certain to be on the lookout for all scholarship scams for online degree programs.

Federal Pell Grant

Pell Grants are federal assistance grants for school that are given to students who haven’t already received a bachelor’s degree at an online university. Awards may be up to $5,550 for an award year, with around twelve semesters of total aid.

FDEOG (Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant)

Like Pell Grants for school, the Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant is available to those who have great financial need who haven’t already received a bachelor’s degree. Awards will range from $100 – $4,000/year and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

TEACH Grant (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education)

For those who are prepared to be teachers, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant may offer up to $4,000/year for those pursuing an online education. Students earning such a grant sign a contract to serve as a teacher within specific high-need industries or inside low-income regions for at least 4 full academic years.

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  3. I do apply for a scholarship to help me pursue my studies or finish my course. Iam a Ugandan who went for electrical engineering course at St. Benedict`s technical college Kisubi Entebbe Uganda and joined the intake of 2012/2013 but only managed to study for one year and dropped off due to financial challenges as i was paying for myself and so, am left with a year to finish the course.

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  16. This is a great ideas and since am a Zambian, I just completed my secondary level. How can i obtain such opportunities .

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