There are people who think that online education cannot be at par with the traditional learning experience that transpire in a physical classroom. Is this true? Read on.

Learning a college degree online is executed through a virtual classroom. Virtual classroom is different from the physical classrooms but provide a very rich learning experience.

Information enters the brain through our senses. We learn when we see, we hear, we feel, we smell, we taste. Most of us learn best when we see and hear things. We are mostly visual learners. We remember what we’ve seen. We learn best when we see or hear something.

The interactive learning that takes place in an online college degree program takes advantage of our senses to facilitate the fast transport of information through our eyes and our ears.

Online college programs are composed of not just reading materials but also multimedia materials like live lectures, audio lectures, visually entertaining presentations, webinars and other multimedia resources. Multimedia as a tool to improve learning is scientifically proven to improve memory. The variety of colours, the varied sounds, the attractive visuals from these multimedia presentations provide strong sensory cues that help one remember better and learn better.

Remember that when text messages are in a different color, all in capital letters, in huge font size, they become easy to remember. However compare this to a text message in bold capital letters, large font size, but with animated graphics and musical background or video presentation in addition. Don’t you think that the one with animation, music and video presentation will be most likely remembered? The answer is Yes! Visually appealing and interactive presentations appeal more to the mind. Thus, more easily remembered, understood and best retained in the memory.

The interactive learning offered in online education programs very vast. It not only include these multimedia presentations but also interactive communication such that students learn to use technology to form their ideas and communicate their thoughts.

This is how learning is done in college degrees online. The learners enjoy multimedia presentations, videos, and audio materials. These ways of learning deviate away from the often boring, dull and lifeless traditional classroom experience.

True enough the use of multimedia presentations to awaken the interest of students in a typical physical classroom is now encouraged starting at the elementary level up to the highest level of education, up to post graduate studies. This is good news as many school systems both public and private now use technology to educate our students. While traditional schooling is only starting this however, in an online degree program, this is the very main core of the learning system. It is the very heart of online education.

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  1. Wow never thought about online education, after reading the passage I just had a twist of faith. I have a passion in teaching and the arts, I would be grateful if I could get a foward of the criteria you use to recruit or suitable for me.

  2. Hello,
    I was accepted at Atlantic International University to study via online and I did the registration but I have no money to continue with my studies. I am asking for a scholarship.

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